Sunday, October 07, 2012

October's LFH

Today's Letter from Harrisburg is about our day at the state prison.

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  1. I set off the alarm with my hairpins at the airport in Ft. Smith, Arkansas and reaped a very public "frisking". The lady kindly asked me if there wasn't some other way to put up my hair! I AM open to other options, but it's just gotta FEEL right and stay UP! Ya know?! :) I have used large, all-plastic barrettes with some success.
    I've also had to explore alternatives in order to help with prison ministry.
    Visiting a prison broadens your perspectives and compassion, I agree. -PC in VA

  2. It seems metal detectors vary in their sensitivity. Recently I was able to go through security with bobby pins, a few hairpins, and no barrettes. I've thought metal clips would be a problem, but this time it worked even with clips that I think are metal. Big barrettes seem to be especially bad for setting off the alarm. --Linda Rose

  3. Yes, PC, I know very well about how the bun has to feel right.
    Linda Rose, I agree. I think I was told one time that the TSA people can adjust the machines to be more or less sensitive.

  4. The Baritone10/09/2012 8:15 AM

    Excellent article!! Thanks for sharing, it was good to have y'all in there with us. :-)