Sunday, April 07, 2013

April Letter from Harrisburg

Today's column is about raising young ladies in today's world, particularly Jenny.

Find it here.


  1. I found myself in this same position. My daughters, placed in our family at ages 4 & 5, are now 11 and almost 13. I find myself longing to see those little girls again as I watch the changes taking place and wishing I could have shared those first years with them.Life moves so swiftly!! Blessings!

  2. My husband said I should send you a tersely written note for making me cry this morning while eating my waffles...
    I said, "ha, I will, she'll think that's funny!"
    Beautiful article. I pray that my daughter has a "Steven" to protect her too:)
    So many hopes and dreams we have wrapped up in them.

  3. Yeah, you made cry too. In my tea no less!
    I hope my almost 11 y.o. will wear braids a few more times and hopefully her brothers will develop the protective instinct that is hidden inside.

  4. Nicely written, Dorcas. It just so happens that our 19 year old daughter still comes to me on Sunday morning with the front of her hair pinned back in a lovely roll on each side of her head and wants me to do the braid that she is going to pull up into a bun. Every time I do it, I bask in it. I know it won't last. And on the weekends when she's gone on her adventures she does her own. So she can. She chooses to allow me the pleasure.

  5. Thank you. Good essay.

  6. Okay, I cried too. Thanks for the reminder that my children, ages 7,5,3,and 1, who have been little all their lives, won't be forever. It still feels that way to me, when I haven't had a good night's sleep for about 7 years.

  7. This is sad and beautiful and happy all at the same time.