Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thailand Episode 8--Layover

We left Thailand at midnight for an overnight flight to Seoul, where we have an 11-hour layover.

You don't think about how much happens in three weeks until you go away.

Since we left:
Justin and Kayla got engaged.
So did Jamison and Ciara.
Grant and Arlene moved in to where Harold and Rachel used to live.
The school board discussed blue jeans.
Emily graduated from Linn-Benton.
Paul's mom's missing hearing aids were found.
Darlene Kropf passed away.
Rita had her baby.
Emily fought skunks and went to a robot club competition.
Farmers started windrowing.

There's probably a lot more that I didn't find out about.

Or that can't be posted online.

I thought that seemed like a lot.

I really like this airport.

It is huge, modern, beautiful, efficient, and immaculate.  It makes O'Hare look like a third-world landing strip.

Of course, any airport with a huge, clean lounge like this is my friend.  It has places to sleep, a row of chairs where you press a button and get a free massage, little tables where you can eat or work, and a row of computers where you can get online.

I took a nice long nap and then got some hot water for tea at the snack bar 20 feet away and then got a chair-massage.

We talked about taking a bus tour for a few hours but Paul is fighting a stomach ailment so we may just chill out here.

In front of me, a nun with the blue and white uniform of Mother Theresa's workers is sitting.
For a while she was sleeping with a white cloth over her face.  Now she is eating Ritz crackers.

We're all anxious to get home.

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