Friday, March 21, 2014

Retaining Honour: Post 2

Let me be up front about this: I believe in creation, in design, in intent.

Your gender is not an accident.  There’s something sacred about it.  “Male and female created he them,” Genesis says.  “In the image of God.” 

God created you to be you.  He knit you together in your mother’s womb, Psalm 139 says.  That design includes your eye color, your height, and your hair texture, and lots more that you didn't choose.  And your gender.

For someone born with normal body, brain, and and chromosomes, to attempt to change this essential part of yourself seems to me to be rejecting a precious gift and to take control of a part of your soul that isn’t yours to alter.

Here’s the first area where the feminists and I part ways.  According to Wikipedia, “At the core of these theories [feminism/women’s studies] is the notion that however one identifies, gender, sex, and sexuality are not intrinsic, but are socially constructed.”

And that, as I said, is one way we differ.

In our women’s Sunday school class, we’ve been studying the women of the Bible, which got me thinking along these lines.  It’s a fascinating study.

I also recommend Elisabeth Elliot’s Let Me Be a Woman, and Rick Rhodes’s Created with Purpose.

Next time: Another reason I’m not a feminist.

Note: Dear Anonymous commenter: Obviously I am not an expert on transgender or dysphoria issues.  The operative words here are "seems to me." I am not advocating violence for anyone who disagrees.  You can email me at