Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Hug

Nothing makes you connect the dots or sew efficiently like having a daughter overseas.

Amy needed some dresses for the hot weather in Thailand--something light and cool but opaque enough to wear on their own without layering.

So I sewed a dress and sent it to the Yoders in Florida who were going to go see their daughter in Thailand.  But it hasn't gotten to Amy yet, because Mrs. was leaving about two weeks before Mr., and the package got into his suitcase, and then he got gallstones and wasn't sure he'd go at all.

Meanwhile we found out that a couple from Washington State that works with the Macedonian Teaching Ministry in Thailand was going to be giving a talk on Monday evening only an hour north of here.  Amy connected the dots--we were going to go hear them anyway; they could take some mail for her!

At 12:27 pm I heard back from Mrs. Flory--yes!  they'd be happy to deliver a package in addition to a few letters.

All right then.  I planted my feet, rubbed my hands together, set a timer, and started in.

I think it was the quickest I have ever sewn a dress.  Two hours and 34 minutes, start to finish, cutting included.

I hope Amy likes it.
My seamstress friends Lois, Verna, and Edna can do it faster, I'm sure, but I was competing only with myself and the clock.

I even sewed the seams and serged the edges separately so Amy could alter it easily.

I didn't make any mistakes with the zipper.  In fact, I even had the right zipper on hand.

As I raced along, stitching the yards of hem at the bottom of the skirt, I kept glancing to the spool where the navy-blue thread was going and almost gone.  I was sure I'd have to find another spool and take time to match it properly.

But it lasted.  And lasted.  All the way around.

There was a tiny bit left so I stitched down the facing at the shoulders and along the edge of the zipper.  Then I was all done.  And the thread looked like this:


Mrs. Flory was delighted to deliver it, even though they still have a bunch of traveling to do.

Dolly the cousin's daughter was here today.  I told her about this.  She said:

Quote of the Day:
"That was a God hug!  That was DEFINITELY a God hug!"

And when I forgot to put the bag of strawberries back in the freezer after I made a fruit smoothie, she said, "This will melt if you leave it out."
I said, "OH! You're right!"
She said, "That's ok.  I'm used to absentminded mothers."

P.S. Since Christine asked: This is the pattern I used.  I brought the neckline in 1/2 inch at the shoulders.  And I made the sleeves a bit longer.  The skirt is nice and flared but it isn't nearly as gathered as the pattern picture shows.


  1. Umm are you going to post the pattern? It is very hard to find a dress pattern these days that doesn't have my shoulders hanging out.

  2. I LOVE that picture of the remaining thread. :) God is good. I had a God hug today when I bought a dozen helium balloons of every color to share with a dozen people--I let everyone pick a color and the one that was left for me at the end was red: my favorite. Aww...

  3. Chris, are you referring to those wide "boat necks" on the 50s style dresses?
    Shari, that is very cool about the red balloon. And it's also cool that you have a gift for SHARIng.