Friday, September 19, 2014

My First Fashion Post

Bloggers like Shelley the niece and Emily the daughter sometimes post fashion posts where they model a creative and coordinated outfit and explain where everything came from.

I think we would all agree that I am not the fashion-post type.

Let's see.

summer: shirt from garage sale
denim skirt from Goodwill
comfortable sandals

We note this Paris-fashion-week ensemble I wore while rummaging through some of the stuff at Dad's sale in June.

In winter it's:
long-sleeved T-shirt from Lands' End.
Big corduroy shirt from Goodwill.
Long denim skirt from Goodwill.
knee socks
comfortable shoes

A post for another day: am I the only person in the country who still gets cold feet and wears socks?  My friends wear sandals year-round.  Advertisements always feature bare feet in anything remotely non-running-shoe.  This bothers me.

But, moving along, since we won't solve that dilemma today:

This morning Jenny showed up looking--in my biased motherly opinion--so charming that I grabbed the phone and took some pictures for a post.
She has been sick with an odd virus for a week, so it was a happy occasion when she came downstairs all dressed for school and looking bouncy instead of the draggy miserable half-closed-eyes look that lasted so long.

And she was wearing the skirt she made last evening.  At the Brownsville garage sales in July, I had picked up some stretchy knit fabric that looks kind of like denim.  Jenny immediately claimed it for her own, and last night she measured a skirt she likes and proceeded to replicate it.

All by herself, except when she stood on a tall kitchen stool and I marked the hem.

In an hour.

Side note: this is why it's worth it to teach your kids some basic sewing and cooking skills, even though at the time you may think you'd better hide the sewing shears or one or the other of you will not survive this ordeal--because all of a sudden they'll get an idea, wildly beyond anything you would have thought of, and they'll have what it takes to make it happen.



veil from Verba's Veils
polo shirt from JCPenney
sweater from cousin Stephy cleaning her closets before she got married
book bag from a garage sale
lumberjack lunch box from Emily who I'm sure got it free somewhere
homemade skirt from garage sale fabric
shoes from a friend for a birthday gift


 Quote of the Day:
Jenny: [comes into the kitchen wearing an old Star Wars t-shirt]
Uncle Fred: Star Wars??  Oh, I guess you are half Yoda.


  1. I've really been enjoying your Uncle Fred jokes. Fred is my husband's uncle and we think he is hilarious.

    One of my favorites: Uncle Fred sent Matthew a text that said, "I found an electric bass at a garage sale. I went ahead and bought it thinking that's your kind of thing."

    He didn't consider the source of the text quite as carefully as he should have. He spent a good two hours thinking about how much he was going to owe Fred for this "bass" (hopefully a Fender!)

    Sure enough, it's an "electric bass." It's one of these:

  2. Jenny always looks lovely. I love to garage sale and thrift too, which makes the UK's lack so cruel. Keep the Uncle Fred jokes coming!

  3. I love this story. She looks beautiful and the skirts amazing.

  4. This is fun . . .thank you for doing it. I enjoy hearing the story behind outfits. ;-)

  5. No you're not the only one. I feel naked if I don't have socks or nylons on with closed shoes. I like your fashion statement!

  6. My aunt said she once got a birthday card that said, "Why do old people wear socks with their sandals?" and on the inside it said, "You'll find out soon."

    Incidentally she was wearing socks and sandals when she told the story. :)

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