Monday, November 24, 2014

Final Week of Blog Tour

I feel like I've been traveling all over on this blog tour, and this week I hop up to Canada and also across the pond to Poland and England.

Feel free to come along.  And yes, there's a giveaway at each stop.

Today we go to QuintuplicateMom in British Columbia.

Right here.
[edit: this is a private blog so it was public on Monday but is now closed]

This is the schedule for the week.

Monday, November 24--Penny Toews--Quintuplicate Mom

Tuesday, November 25--Mary Ann Kinsinger-- A Joyful Chaos
Wednesday, November 26--Anita Yoder--Tis a Gift to Receive
Thursday, November 27--Thanksgiving!
Friday, November 28--Crystal Kupper
Saturday, November 29--Dawn Harshbarger--Little Shack in the Boondocks

Thank you to each of these bloggers and everyone who came along for the ride.


  1. I can't see Quintuplicate Mom's blog since apparently it's only for invited readers. Can I request an invite? My email is


  2. Jackie, I'll forward your request.