Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Printable for Moms, for Those Times

Last weekend at the ladies' retreat I told the others that despite having mostly-adult children I feel like there are more demands on my time than ever.

But, I said, I really want to be there to listen when my kids need to talk, especially the ones in college, since college can make you question everything you ever knew.


I am working on a number of projects, including three talks at a ladies' retreat later this month.  So I was going a bit crazy with all the interruptions.

Paul thought I needed a few more boundaries, such as two hours every morning to work without everyone freely asking me questions or coming by to tell me their latest feelings.

What a thought: working without interruptions.

So.  I made this and taped it to the office door.

Several moms asked for copies when I posted a picture on Facebook.

I thought: why not share it with the world?

You can download and print a copy for yourself by clicking here:


We note that:1. I figured out how to link a document to a blog post, all by myself.
2. Lest someone uses this every day to get away from toddlers and gets reported to Children's Services, because the kids turned on the electric teakettle and burned themselves trying to make hot chocolate, and blames me, this is for those of you with older kids whom you have taught to survive responsibly on their own for an hour or two.

All right then.  Enjoy.


  1. Thank you, the chart is priceless!

  2. That might be the most beautiful thing I've seen all day :)

  3. Laughing!

    I'm not sure my children are in the stage that I can use this yet but I'll save it for future reference.

    At least I've been told that eventually they will grow up!

  4. Hilarious! However, I can't seem to get it to print with the text. The graphic comes through fine, but with no words. I will turn my techy hubby loose on it tomorrow! Thanks for the giggle. :)

  5. Now all I need is an office

  6. Haha! That's awesome! Definitely for future reference in my household ;)