Monday, November 07, 2016

On Steven's Birthday

To His Mom

I think of you today
Although we’ve never met
And no one knows 
Your name
Or where you are
Or if you’re still alive.
And yet
Your eyes are here
I’m sure
Your love, your smile
Your work
Your labor and giving birth
Your milk that fed him
And dribbled down his cheek
When, satisfied, he slept.
He’s 22 today,
This son of yours and mine.
Strong and full of faith
Honor, humor, trust.
You would be proud.
He is so fully loved
So much a part of us.
It was your tragedy,
Your gift.
We take what you began
And carry on
The son, the love,
The prayers.
Please know
That I will not forget
And though we’ve never met
I think of you.


  1. Beautiful words! Beautiful picture!

  2. Dorcas this touches my heart! My son also has another mother,& although the situation is different (we know his mom & have a good relationship with her) , the similarities are striking! My son will be 23 next month,& he is a tremendous blessing as well:)

  3. This is incredibly beautiful.