Sunday, October 01, 2017

More Sparrow Nest Pictures

On August 25th, we all stood watching as the Sparrow Nest was moved into place.
As soon as it was situated, I handed Matt my camera.
"Take a picture of me when I'm inside," I said.
Later, I discovered he had taken this whole series.
They made me laugh.
They might make you laugh as well even though, as Hillary Clinton once said, No woman in her 50s ever voluntarily has a picture taken of her backside.


  1. A fantastic series of pictures! Almost makes me wish for a sparrow's nest, too.

  2. Nice! Matt should have been a photo journalist.

  3. You are such a good sport!! Thanks for the chuckle...I'm still in my 30's and probably don't look as cute from behind as you do!! You looked like a lady the whole time!! Sarah

  4. I'm back. When I checked your blog this morning for updates, I recognized the shortcoming of the comment I made last night. So here is a revision of my previous comment which I think is a better expression of the credit Matt is due: Matt IS an excellent photo journalist in addition to all of his other skills and abilities!

  5. Dorcas, you are so blessed. Cherish that husband of yours, and all your wonderful family and friends who helped make this possible. And give thanks to our Lord for His awesome provision. I love your sparrow's nest.