Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On Hosting: A Thanksgiving Poem

I make my sister's dressing every year
"Aunt Becky's Yummy Stuffing" it is called,
So full of melted butter that I think
On any other day I'd be appalled.

I find "Joe-Katherine's" make-ahead potato
Directions in the blue Grove City book.
And for the best pecan pie to be had
In Bonner's Ferry Recipes I look.

Carrie Gingerich gave the recipe
For butterhorns with lots of eggs and yeast.
I mix a double batch of it because
We're feeding many at tomorrow's feast.

I thaw the corn that, as my mother taught me,
I cut from off the cob with sweeping strokes.
And Mrs. Habedank in Home Ec said
The fork goes on the left for proper folks.

Each year I gather family, friends, and strangers
To crowd around our table, long and wide
We laugh and talk and learn to know each other
And eat too much and maybe more beside.

Today I'm thankful for the gifted women
Who taught me all I know of cooking's art.
And special thanks to Mom for showing me
That hospitality comes from the heart.


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  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Dorcas and all your huge family!

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  4. Dorcas I hope your day was blessed!

  5. I have hosted only a couple of times in the last ten years. Since hubby is a nurse he often gets to be paid time and a half that day! I cooked last evening and had some neighbors over that didn’t have family on Thanksgiving Day. Also taking a plate of food to another neighbor. I loved seeing pics of your table full of guests. It made me nostalgic of my parental home!

    1. Thanks, Dorcas. And bless your husband for being a caregiver on a holiday.