Friday, April 06, 2018

ABC Post 5--Off to Montana With Good Women

my cozy view
I was supposed to post yesterday for the April Blogging Challenge but it's a bit hard to do when you're in a very full vehicle for 12 hours with 5 entertaining ladies and then as soon as you arrive, you have to get ready to speak to 100 more.

I speak at out-of-state events, mostly women's retreats, about twice a year. So far, I've always had to fly to get there, since Oregon is far away from everywhere else.

But this time the destination was Big Sky Bible Camp at Kalispell, Montana, so it was within driving distance. ROAD TRIP!! And who should I take along? Well, why not expand our monthly sister-in-law coffee date to a 4-day trip?

Rosie offered her spacious rig. Bonnie couldn't make it. Cousin Trish and Daughter Emily came instead. We left at 3:30 a.m. and then met Laura along Interstate 84.

Rosie the capable driver
Emily was wedged into a tiny spot in the back.
The conversation is the best part of traveling with this bunch.

Then Lois's daughter Lisa flew in and joined us as well. 

So in our group it's me, Lois, Rosie, Laura, Trish, Lisa, Emily, and Corey the baby.  We are all staying in a dorm. One of the organizers is Lois's daughter-in-law Brenda from Montana, so she hangs out with us when she can.

Going to ladies' retreats can be a lonely business for the speaker, but this time "lonely" is not the word for the day at all.

As mentioned, we are at a Bible camp, so there are muddy trails to the chapel and wood-paneled walls and and a rustic feel all around.

The women wear warm coats and practical shoes.

I've been welcomed to all sorts of settings, from churches to homes to Bible Schools to very well-appointed hotels, but there's something about a slightly wild northern setting, with snow on the ground and wood fires radiating warmth that makes me feel like this is where I fit in the best.

Today I have two talks, morning and evening. Tomorrow morning is my last talk, and then we're dismissed at noon. We'll head part way back and get a motel and then head on home on Sunday.

 I'm sure there will again be lots of conversation, but you will never know what was said.

But you are free to gather sisters and friends and relatives and go on a road trip to make memories of your own.


  1. Nice place! Our Pennsylvania high school kids spent a week there working on the facility. They loved it.

  2. I wish I could be there! But I already had an obligation this weekend....I hope it's a good weekend for you all.

  3. I wish I could be there! But I already had an obligation this weekend....I hope it's a good weekend for you all.

  4. What are your talks about, Dorcas?

    1. Trusting God as a woman, marriage, life.

  5. I'm slightly jealous...went to SMBI with Rosie & Tricia years ago. Seems like Rosie was very capable back then too! Would love to hang out again!