Sunday, July 12, 2020

Paul's Fall

Last Tuesday, Paul had a bad fall at the warehouse. We don't know if he was on a ladder or up on a platform of pallets on the forklift, fixing an auger about 15 feet up on the wall, but we know he fell hard.

He is still in the hospital. Injuries included a severe gash on his head, a fractured skull, two neck bones broken, a spinal cord contusion, three bones broken in his back, and both wrists shattered.

He is alive, and not paralyzed. He has serious weakness in his left arm due to the spinal cord injury.

You can read more at our CaringBridge site.


  1. Dorcas, I will be praying. And with your permission I'd like to put him on our church prayer chain.

  2. Oh my goodness, Dorcas! This is shocking news! I will wrap you and Paul in healing prayer...

  3. Dear precious sister Dorcas, I have kept checking your blog to see if there would ever be news of Matt's wedding, and discovered this news instead--and also in clicking different links discovered Emily's blog and pictures of the lovely wedding! This news hit me extra hard because I had just been reading chapter after chapter of your book Sunlight Through Dusty Windows out loud to my family as we were gone camping. We were not just amazed but awed at how we could just about be the same family!There were so many similarities, clear up to spending a few years on the mission field and then returning home to continue to serve in some way. I plan to send a card and tell more, but I will be praying for you. Your blog and books have meant more to me, a mother of seven and a fellow author and blogger, than words can say.
    Jesus,I want to tell You that sister Dorcas and her honesty and humor have blessed and encouraged me so much, that I feel close as a sister in You, and I lift her and her husband, her family, and their burdens to You right now. Minister to the minister, speak words of peace to the author, fold the wife in Your arms, strengthen the husband's mind and body as he heals, give peace and clarity to the six children as they rise to the need and challenge each day. Thank You that Matt can stay nearby (and bless their marriage as it begins with a bang!), work out a place for Paul to recuperate where family can be allowed to visit and minister, where the blessing of healing touch and loving family is not disallowed. Thank You soo much that a family member is allowed at this hospital. So many places do not even allow this much. How grateful we are, Lord, for this!
    Continue to bless this family with the gift of making the best of things with good humor, and let them know that their lives, into which Dorcas's writings have given us a charming little window, have been a blessing and encouragement to others of like faith and family.
    In Jesus' name, Amen.

  4. Oh my goodness Dorcas. Prayers for Paul's continued healing. The Lord healed my 72 year old FIL from a 30 foot fall, several years ago, that should have killed him. I know He can do the same for Paul.

  5. Praying for you and him as you travel the road to recovery.

  6. Praying for you!