Friday, May 26, 2006


An evening at the Smuckers:
Paul is lying on the couch reading.
Dorcas and Emily are on the loveseat.
Emily is reading the comics, particularly For Better or For Worse.

Em: So who do you think Elizabeth will end up with?
D: Um, who are the choices by now?
E: There’s Mr. Wright, and the helicopter guy, and Anthony.
D: Well, I always liked the helicopter guy.
E: You did!? I always thought he was so fat and pompous.
D: But he came and gave her a ride. That was cool. She dated Anthony in high school, right?
E: Yeah, and then he married Therese, and then they divorced.
D: Well, I for sure don’t want her to marry Anthony!
E: Why not? Cuz he’s divorced?
D: Well, I just never liked him. Plus he has so many freckles. (She gives a sly glance at Paul, who doesn’t hear or notice.)
E: Huh? Freckles?
D: I’m kidding, ok? Your dad has a million freckles. I like freckles.
E: He does?
D: Listen, he has so many freckles they look like a solid brown.
E: Well, I think Anthony is nice.
D: He has a bristly moustache. I just never liked him.
E: What was he like in high school?
D: From what I remember he was just this typical immature high school guy.
E: Kind of like Gerald?
D: Yeah, I guess.

At this point Paul and his book begin to jiggle and shake as snorts of disbelieving laughter escape his nose. He does not get the ladies in his life and how they take comic characters’ lives so seriously.

Well, too bad for him.

If Elizabeth marries Mr. Wright, it's fine with me. He's nice too. But pleeeease not Anthony.

Quote of the Day:
"Emily is the drama queen of the family except when Ben has to eat green beans."


  1. For Better or For Worse. Isn't that some Canadian comic? Actually, I just finished reading today's strip. It's the only one I regularly read.

    Sorry, Dorcas, but I think Anthony has the best chances with Elizabeth. That's who I'm betting on.

    Lynn Johnston has always included tough issues in her strip and I don't think this will be any different.

  2. "So who do you think Elizabeth will end up with?"
    That's what I've been wondering too.

    I don't want her to marry Anthony either, but that's what I expect will happen...

  3. Oh, my mom and I are the same way! We talk about the Pattersons as if they were our real-life neighbors. Poor Elizabeth, she's kind of going through a tough time these days.

    I heard that Lynn Johnston is winding down the comic strip and plans to end it within a year or so... my mornings will be so empty. Luckily we have almost all of the books!

  4. Janna--For Better or for Worse coming to an end??? Say it ain't so!

  5. I also heard there will be an end in 2007? But what about the cop? I think I missed a resent one...