Friday, May 19, 2006


I love freebies.

This morning Paul was talking to his nephew Randy and was told that a truck came to the pellet mill with about a thousand pounds of potatoes that for some reason had not been dropped off at the previous stop.

So. Free potatoes. I swooped in, vulture-like, and got two big sacks. Meanwhile, my spiritual-gift-of-giving SIL Bonnie racked her brain for people who are struggling financially and could use a boost like this.

God bless Bonnie and all the folks who think of others before themselves.

Quote of the Day:
"Which would you be more surprised, if I came to school with an earring or red lips?"
--Preston K., in one of those unbelievable conversations in the back of the school van, which won't happen for a while as today is the last day of school

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