Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I think I can say officially now that winter is over and summer is here. School's out, and after a week of rain we had a warm and sunny day today.

Which means, glory hallelujah, that my annual struggle with SAD is gone. My eyes pop wide open at 6:30 a.m., before the alarm clock rings, and I have energy to do things like scrubbing the daylights out of the north 1/3 of the porch (we have a big porch) and defrosting two freezers, all of which I did today.

The boys had their friend Trenton over, and they took the canoe down the creek--around curves and under railroad tracks and around fallen trees, clear down to Bob Schrock's place.

I love summer. And summer in Oregon, with its dry sunny days and cool nights and wandering creeks and whiffs of grass in the air, makes you forget the long damp gray trial of winter.

Quote of the Day:
"Counting Pigga and Katzie we have ten people in this house."


  1. Oh, I have many many wonderful memories of OR summers!

  2. I am with you. I love summer too! Nothing quite as relaxing as going out and working in the flower gardens in the evening after I get home from work and dinner and dishes done. It is good to feel the warmness of the sun.

  3. SAD? Not you, too! And how many years were you in the North?

    About the third week of March I suddenly wake up and start enjoying life again for another eight or nine months.

  4. Here, summer is when it starts raining! But at least when it's raining it stays relatively coolish. Oregon sounds beautiful. Enjoy the season!

  5. Steve--for some reason I didn't have SAD in the North. But we never had 63 consecutive days of measurable precipitation there either. The days were awfully short in Ontario but I guess enough days were sunny to keep me going.

  6. I love the warm days of Summer too although the mosquitoes are desperate for blood here in the North. This week has been warm and I've been transplanting Lavatara, Cosmos, Coreopsis, pansies and other plants. Such fun! Edith