Saturday, March 17, 2007

In Which Mrs. Smucker Goes a Little Crazy

This morning Steven had an early choir practice (concert tomorrow at Emerald Baptist Church, everyone welcome, $10 I think) and afterwards we went to WinCo for groceries.

(Grocery shopping is so much more efficient with a muscular dude like Steven along to push the second cart and lift the many gallons of milk onto the counter.)

Before we checked out I of course stopped by the Choice Books rack. Ok, side 1: Fix-it-and-Forget-it cookbooks, Beverly Lewis. Arrgghh. Side 2: Wanda Brunsetter, 501 Snappy Comebacks. Grrr. Side 3: Karen Scalf Linamen who is funny but would be funnier if her publisher didn't shout all over the cover how funny she is, Time-Saving Tricks. Shoot. Side 4: More cookbooks, How to Study the Bible for Yourself. Big sigh.

Then I saw it--could it be?--down at the bottom, behind some other books, a strip of cream with orangey print??? Eagerly I snatched at the intervening books and YES!!!! there they were, Ordinary Days, my book! three copies! For really and truly on the Choice Books rack at last.

Steven by this time was chuckling to himself at his crazy mom. I didn't care. I took the books and placed them on the top two shelves of the bookrack, right in front where they belonged. Steven laughed harder.

I went to check out my groceries and by a great effort did not tell the clerk and the lady in front of me in line that those are MY BOOKS over there on the rack. But I called Paul and told him and talked loud enough that the clerk and the other lady could possibly have overheard.


Quote of the Day:
"Someday when they say bring finger foods at church I'm gonna bring a thing of frosting and a thing of marshmallow creme and a thing of peanut butter."
--a relative of mine who didn't want to be named


  1. Congrats. It's nice to be in print.

  2. You go, Girl, er, Mrs. Smucker! :)

  3. Go,teacher lady!!

  4. A crazy Mrs Smucker? I cannot imagine=) The first time I saw your book in "Provident Bookstore" I had this great urge to loudly announce my connecting with this famous lady!

  5. Cheers!! Just this afternoon I curled under a down comforter with your book . . . there's so much there that I can relate to. The chapter on Aunts was really fun to read since I know both Rosie and Barb. :-)