Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Off to IN

As Emily says, "Toodles."
I hope to see some of you gentle readers in Indiana.

We are leaving the children at home, by themselves. I did not put food in the freezer for them. I did not tell someone to check on them. I did not get someone to spend the nights here. I did not pack separate little backpacks for everyone and ship them off to friends' houses.


Quote of the Day:
Me: Emily, come help me for a few minutes.
Emily: How many is a few?
Me: Well, since the Bible says a few souls were saved in the Ark, I guess eight.
Emily: Thanks for not quoting, 'Many are called, but few are chosen.'


  1. ahh! that is so brave. I bet you're glad to have children that you would trust to take care of each other while you're gone... My mom would have LOVED to be able to do that!

  2. Sounds like a well-earned jailbreak to me. Run like the wind!

  3. Ok, so, I am brave enough to do that for, oh, say... an hour or two? Yay for being able to do it for a weekend... How nice! :)

  4. Hey--I've always enjoyed reading your blog and intend to someday buy your book, but haven't actually made the purchase yet. I am, however, checking out all the Choice Books stands I see. Anyway, I'd love to review the book if I can still get in. I'll e-mail you my info.