Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How We Are Coping

We still feel "at peace" about our decision to cancel our trip, even though that's a slightly dangerous theological board to step onto, like the girl I knew who was dating the wretchedly wrong man but just felt so "at peace" about it. Yes, well anyway. We think we made the right decision, not that it's easy.

Paul has been saying, "Oooo-kaaayy, now we're on our way to Amsterdam. . .now we're out on a canal boat. . . now we're headed for Nairobi." The best therapy for him is planning something new, so he's scheming for all of us to go to the coast for three days.
I have been sleeping a lot, and unpacking, and repacking for the coast, and watching Pride and Prejudice when I need a break. This means I come into the kitchen and proclaim, "Ah the shades of Pembehley to be thus polluted?" and the boys look at me like, "Mom??" Silliness is good therapy.
Emily will not be going on her trip to the Midwest, we decided. A great disappointment, and I think she's upstairs adding another couple of thousand words to her computer diary (which is already the size of five of my books).
The boys are making gliders out of the stack of styrofoam plates they had magic-markered in preparation for such a project with the orphan boys. Only they are embellishing them with tails and doubling them in size and making biplanes.
Jenny is fine today and making gliders with the boys, but she shed a bunch of tears yesterday, mostly because she wouldn't have that 36-hour birthday on our return day. She had me help her with an internet concordance and found a Bible verse that fit her feelings exactly:

Quote of the Day:
"My days are passed, my plans are shattered, and so are the desires of my heart."
Job 17:11


  1. I dont even know what to say! What a drastic change in plans! I cant even imagine!

    Your poor daughter too. That verse made me chuckle. But ya know, God has His reasons an dyou guys are actually wise in canceling this. Im worried about Valeries son who is going with a mission team to Tibet here in a week or so. I wish he would call it off too.

  2. wow! there couldn't hardly be a verse that fits better.

  3. Well! I wasn't keeping up with this blog and was wondering how Emily is enjoying Ok. I join the rest in commiserating and encouraging you to rest. And please do provide pictures if the tire burning takes place.

  4. Awwww, poor Jenny. I hope you will "pour into each other's wounded bosoms the balm of sisterly consolation." (gotta love pathetic Mary Bennet)

    I truly am sorry for your disappointment! And I'm so thankful for your silver lining!

  5. Whoa. I was absolutely shocked when I read this! Oh, the agony of cancelled plans...and big ones like that too! My sympathy goes out to you all.

  6. that was me...


  7. Wow, I feel guilty to think our plans worked out so well and yours got canceled on such a short notice!!!I think I would go burn several tires!!!