Sunday, November 22, 2009


This afternoon Amy was upstairs watching The Hiding Place. I brought her some mint tea, since she's still sick, and stayed to watch for a few minutes, but then I had to leave because I couldn't stand it.

I cannot imagine doing what the ten Booms did. Working with the Dutch Underground, taking in Jews, living with raw fear and extreme risk every minute of every day. Today they are honored in many ways. Israel named Corrie "Righteous among the nations," the Queen of the Netherlands knighted her, and there's a museum in the family's honor.

What fascinates me is that if it hadn't been for the Holocaust, probably no one outside their community would ever have heard of them. They were quite ordinary: an old Dutch watchmaker and his two spinster daughters. True, they were well-known locally through their business and also in charity work with the handicapped, children, and the elderly, but nothing that would have warranted their own Wikipedia page.

So, how they lived when life was ordinary prepared them for when life was hideously extraordinary. I don't think I need to say there's a lesson there for us.


  1. Yes, Corrie is probably my favorite heroine of courage and faith.
    I would advise all moms to find as many of the Corrie books as possible and have their teen-aged daughters read them as my mom did.
    Now as an adult I am still reading Corrie and admiring her walk of faith and I am still challenged to grow up even more in Christ.

  2. Love the challenge.

  3. I so agree with you that how they lived when life was ordinary prepared them for when life was not ordinary. I mentioned something similar in Sunday school a few weeks ago when discussing how does one prepare for possible persecution.