Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyone Else's Exciting Life

I am in a phase where my life isn't very exciting. A dangerous thing to say, I know, but there you are. I have been taking it seems like forever to get over the swine flu so I've been home a lot, coughing and doing laundry and picking up the house. But everyone else's life is exciting and so I am enjoying theirs vicariously, with just a bit of envy.

I talked to my sis Rebecca this morning. They just took a trip to my other sister Margaret's in Pennsylvania where my niece Annette and her husband joined them and they had an early Thanksgiving together and I am happy for them but would have loved to be there too. Meanwhile Rebecca is up to her ears in ministry, since she can speak Arabic, and there are lots of Arab immigrants in the area and all kinds of astonishing doors are opening up to reach out to them. Rebecca's life is always exciting, and she has always seemed way more holy and disciplined than I am, and she is always out there doing amazing things for God, and I have been jealous of this about her since she was about 7 years old and got saved at revival meetings (evangelist: Willy Wagler) and immediately set out to share the gospel with the world, starting with her heathen little sister who didn't appreciate it, and she hasn't stopped yet. However, today Rebecca's amazing ministry included taking a lady to the doctor even though she was sick herself--not so jealous about that I guess.

Then Emily is off at SMBI and in the very little communication we have she is all happy-happy-hyper-hyper-fun-fun. "Uh, Mom, is this important??" she asks distractedly as shrieks of laughter drift in from the background. Today she finally got out to an internet connection and posted a hyper post about her life, only it's kind of like those teaser ads from Prevention magazine that go on and on without telling you anything--"Keep reading, we have the most amazing WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA from 3 basic ingredients sitting in your kitchen cupboard RIGHT NOW, yes we do, just keep reading, I'm serious, THREE BASIC INGREDIENTS that you stock up on every week." You can read Emily's version of this here.

This evening we went to Nolan and Edna's reception. I love weddings and newlyweds and all the girls in their pretty dresses and watching people and wondering which couples in the room are actually happy together and which little kids belong to which parents. There's a part of me that always envies newlyweds, fresh beginnings and all that. Funny moment: Paul talking business with Daniel Schrock from Smith Seed. Both guys are deaf in one ear, so they both had to crook their heads at odd angles to hear each other.

Oregon people: did you ever notice how much Cindy Smith looks like Sarah Palin? (So does my sis Rebecca, as a matter of fact.)

Ok, who else has an exciting life? Bonnie the SIL just went to see her grandson for about a week. Well, I'm sure she went to see his parents too, but that baby exerts a powerful magnetic force. Bonnie has numerous times called me with Official News--Randy is dating!! Byran is engaged! Jessi is pregnant!! And I have never been able to call her with such news, not once. Not that I am trying to rush my children or tell them not to wait on God's time, (really, you guys) but sometimes I would love to call all the relatives and friends with NEWS.

Meanwhile Matt has been living dangerously. He decided it's time to shake things up a bit with his college-student diet, so he hasn't made ramen noodles since school started. He's made fish (setting the oven on fire the first time), pork chops, and such. And then he went to WinCo and bought one of each fruit he didn't recognize. Mango, kiwi, papaya, and so on. He found out he absolutely loves starfruit.

Now that's some excitement I could actually try myself, I guess.

Quote of the Day:
"Matt should get a job where he just explains things. He's just so good at explaining how things work."
--Jenny. I totally agree.


  1. So sorry to laugh at your "boredom" but since you put it in such a funny light.... :)

    Also read Emily's teaser post. Thought you might enjoy this: At the bottom are 3 "possibly related posts (automatically generated)". The third one was a link to Inside the Busy Mind of a Baby.


  2. Sis Rebecca says, hahaha. Exciting, yes, holy and righteous no!! One exciting part of my life is hearing the life stories of the ladies that I take to the doctor. The one I took yesterday while I was sick said this about her life. She, whom I'll call "J", was the oldest of 8 kids. When she was about 12 years old her mom was out on the street and witnessed a mass execution of young soldiers who had supposedly fled the war with their neighbor country. The young men included her nephew. Shot without trial and no chance to explain themselves. The nephew later was found to have been innocent. J's mom went completely crazy at that moment and J had to quit school and raise her 7 siblings from then on... I did not feel so sorry for myself after that.

  3. Rebecca--Now that gives a person perspective. Wow.

  4. Small small world...Daniel & Christine Schrock are friends of ours. Daniel was a grade behind my husband and me in high school. We keep in touch with them and see them once in a while when they come back here to visit family.

    Never doubt that you are doing the most important work in the world...raising young warriors for His glory!! =)

  5. Now I would think that writing books, or rather have written books has the element of excitement. Not to mention all the book signings you do along with talks here and there and flying across the country frequently. Too bad we have to cook, clean, do laundry and tidy up between opportunites for excitement. But maybe that's what keeps us sane. Mary H

  6. I often wonder if the unexciting life is really the happy life. Like you, Dorcas, I feel my life is pretty unexciting compared to most of my friends' lives! They are always doing something new and interesting, while I'm just settled in the same ol' place with my husband and same ol' job...However, when I look back on my early 20's, when my life was a lot more exciting, what with dating, new jobs, new friends, etc., there's no way I'd want that life back! It wasn't nearly as happy as my "boring" life now--in fact, I was usually miserable! Just a thought...