Friday, November 27, 2009

Drop me a line

On Tuesday I posted that you can send me recommendations for people that I could give one of my books to. A few suggestions came in and Paul said, "So how are you going to decide which ones qualify?"

I said, "Do you really think there's any chance I can turn any of these down?" because at least one of them had me in tears and the others were close. Those books are all on their way and I still have some designated for giving, so feel free to send more suggestions.

Also, after I posted about Mennonite women authors, I got some interesting feedback on some that I hadn't mentioned. So I'd like to do another post on the subject soon. Feel free to send suggestions. Criteria: woman, conservative Mennonite, author of a book that can be ordered for Christmas.


Quote of the Day:
Me: Take this hamper upstairs and get the empty hangers in your and Ben's closets.
Steven: Hmmm, perfect timing to wear this shirt.
Front of Steven's t-shirt: SLAVERY STILL EXISTS

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  1. LOLOL on your quote of the day! That boy was destined to be in your family, clearly!! =)