Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oink Oink

I was talking to my sister-in-law Lois this morning. She and her daughter Lisa just survived the same flu I'm getting over, which I apparently caught from Lisa last Tuesday when she was here helping me with some cleaning and felt like she might be getting a cold.

Ben is home with the same flu today.

Lois told me that she was talking with the nurse practitioner at the Harrisburg Clinic and described the symptoms and was told that this is yes, definitely H1N1. Fever, cough, very contagious, very nasty, etc etc. And apparently it's too early for any other kind of flu.

I had been a bit worried about getting swine flu because it's supposed to be worse for people with asthma. But so far I can still breathe ok.

Somehow this makes me feel better to know that I'm actually a Swine Flu Survivor!! They ought to give you a little badge or something.

Quote of the Day:
"It 's a good thing Emily didn't come home right now after all."


  1. So thankful that your recovery is coming along! Thank God!

  2. I'm glad you qualify for Survivor status, Dorcas.

    I wonder who else at church (yours or mine) has the stuff. And what measures we all are taking to avoid it in the first place.

    The third cup of coffee I had this morning I made a little stronger than usual. Maybe that will help.

  3. I published my previous comment.

    And when the page refreshed, lo-and-behold, an option to leave another comment.

    So I am. Because the WV "word" strikes me as funny in a "fitting" sort of way: cureso.