Saturday, April 14, 2012

Minnesota Moments

Once again I am visiting The Folks and having many Minnesota moments.

1. Well, this is one I DIDN'T have, for once. I rented a car when I arrived, as always, but it wasn't red this time, so I didn't get stopped for speeding on Highway 55. It was, however, almost brand new. Less than 800 miles on it.

2. As always I listened to the radio to stay awake on that 2-hour drive, so I got my fill of Catholic Answers and hog prices and wheat futures. And that great accent. Someday you really have to hear a mid-Minnesota guy say, "And you can find us at McKay's dot com on your smart phone."

3. Almost 70 degrees outside and Dad, age 95, hauls in a wheelbarrow load of wood and fires up the wood stove like it's January in the Klondike. This makes him contented and happy and is part of the reason he's this spry at this age, I'm sure.

4. Driving to the library I saw a big garter snake on the road. It was crawling. Thankfully I didn't swerve that brand new rental car into the ditch. I just tried to still my beating heart as I imagined scenarios for how a garter snake could possibly get into the car while it's parked at Mom and Dad's, and thought that that wrinkle in my skirt felt like I was sitting on a garter snake.

5. Here at the library I had trouble logging onto the internet so the two nice ladies at the front desk helped me. Oh! Are you that writer? You're from Oregon, aren't you? [And other nice words that made me feel like a celebrity. Goodness. It's been years since I had a signing here but they acted like it was last week. I need to come here more often.]

6. When I arrived, Mom had dinner ready to welcome me home. Baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, homemade applesauce, homemade buns, homemade jelly, home canned green beans, frozen peaches, homemade cookies from Anna. I see about 39 ways that I am becoming my mother, but I don't think I'll cook like that at age 91, even when the kids come home. Sorry, guys.

7. I flicked about 8 ladybugs off the bed before I turned off the light. Last year at this time it was more like 8 dozen, so maybe they're dying off at last.

8. After I'm done here at the library I get to go see some of my high school classmates at Donna's house. Good times.

9. A toddler was having a tantrum here in the library and on the way out the door, the mom spanked her and no one batted an eyelash. We are definitely in Minnesota, people, and not in Oregon.


  1. Oh boy, did I ever identify w/ #4! Sounds exactly like me!

    #6--What a spred! Wonder if your mom thought she was copping out w/ the mac & cheese. You know, like it was too easy, since she didn't peel a kettle of potatoes or something. When I got married, I used to fear it would seem like a copout to fix that. Imagine my surprise and delight to discover that Hubby loves macaroni and cheese! He's always happy when I make it. :) -PC in VA

  2. I CAN spell! Don't know how that got past me! -PC

    PS-- I like not having to prove I'm not a robot! :)

  3. PC--Well, it certainly wasn't from a box, so that makes it real food in my opinion.

  4. Yeah, you and I would consider that real food, but I guess I was wondering if SHE would! :) -PC