Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Minnesota Moments

1. I listened to the weather report a few times in the car the other day, and the reporters always used the word "breezy." "51 degrees and breezy in central Minnesota this afternoon." Ok, great. Breezes are nice. I stopped to get the mail at the end of Mom and Dad's lane. I opened the car door and WHOOSH, the door whipped open and when I stepped out I felt like I was going to get swept off my feet. Was this Midwestern understatement or do they use the term differently in Minnesota?

2. Here at the airport, the TSA guy looked at my license and then at me and said, "Old German Baptist?" I said, "No, Mennonite."
He said, "Oh. Last week there was a woman like you and I said, 'Mennonite?' and she said, "No, Old German Baptist."

3. There is no shade of green in the universe quite like new leaves in spring on Minnesota birch trees.

4. Wally at Teal's Market gave my mom and dad a $100 gift certificate for groceries, just because he likes them.

5. Everyone around Mom and Dad's neck of the woods just loves them. And Mom and Dad love them back. Let's all follow this example.


  1. #2 is hilarious!

    Re: #1, in the Midwest, it moves from breezy to windy the moment the tornado touches down. :-D

  2. Well, in your profile picture, you could look ALMOST German Baptist, with your burp cloth "cape", and your "poof" hairstyle!
    Funny how we all look alike to some folks, but how we can pick out all the nitty-gritty differences on each other. -PC in VA

  3. You're making me homesick for the Midwest, Dorcas!!

  4. Love the TSA's remark. I had went away for a week to my parents and was flying back home to my husband. I was wearing a pretty peach dress. My husband had surprised me with the fabric for this dress so I thought I'd wear it home to him. I was on the plane and this guy leaned over and gave me a knowing look and said, "You're not Amish. Amish don't wear that color." What could I say to that??:)

  5. I laughed out loud, I really did. And then you hit me with the "Let's all be like this." Amen. I have a secret fear that I will not be one of the nice sweet old ladies. . .