Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Blog, News, and Cycle Wipeout

Emily has hopped on the blogwagon at

And Amy tells us about her next big adventure over at Globetrotter_AJ. Yes, she's living up to her blog name. Kleenex donations are welcome for Mom.

Would all of you please make a note to be careful when you drive past our house? These curves just past our place to the north are nasty especially when you're driving too fast. I can't tell you how many times we hear that ominous screeeeeeech and then we wait for the THUNK.

In the five years we've been here we've seen a seed truck that lost its load, a red car in the field to the north, a red car in the trees by the creek, a car that hit a tree and burned up, and others that I can't remember the specifics of.

Thankfully, most times, people regain their footing before they wipe out completely, and then proceed on down the road. Yesterday, however, another person was not so fortunate. This time it was two guys on cycles. The younger one made it fine but the older one didn't lean into the turn enough or something so he hit the gravel and got flipped into the grass field.

I walked down to see if I could help. The guy was lying on the ground but coherent and not bleeding thanks to his helmet and leather jacket. He had tried to get up, he told me, and couldn't very well because his back and ankle hurt. A passing farmer called for the guy's daughter to come get him, and he promised me he'd see a doctor.

They parked his cycle at our place and later when his daughter and her husband came back and got it they said he would be fine. Sore but fine.

So that ended well but I have a feeling one of these days those curves will take the life of some teenage guy in a fancy pickup--the kind that drives too fast and thinks the laws of physics don't apply to him.

Quote of the Day:
"Mom! It's true! An ant, you know? An ant with four legs--that kind of ant? It's true, it will not cross a line of chalk! I saw an ant on the concrete on the basketball court and I drew a circle around it and it would not cross the line! So it's true! And then I let it go free. I can't believe it's true!"
--Jenny, who will have to learn to talk less when she goes to school this fall


  1. Glad that they werent serious hurt, but never touch or move someone from an accident. Sometime people can be serious hurt and not know it until it's too late.

    I remember during my teenage years that I used to tried to see how fast I can zipped around that double "A" corner. was fun, and your heart miss a beat or two. Yeeehaaaaaa!!!

    Maybe there might be a few young dare devil among us that still whipping around it. Anyone?


  2. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes( new to all of this)I was a bit of a dare devil when I was a kid,we had a curve that whent down a hill and I managed to wipe out a few times( much to my mothers chagrin ;0) ) Now that I'm older with a daughter I see what all the fuss was about.