Monday, July 18, 2005


O give me a home
Where the nutria roam
Where the ryegrass is cut in July
Where the summer is bright
But it cools down at night
And the humidity never gets high.

Quote of the Day:
"A bird can lose a lot of feathers and still fly."
--anonymous warehouse worker who got tired of an aggressive starling and chucked a spool of sack-sewing thread at it


  1. We'll take those last two lines in Ohio, too. Arghhh! You wait all winter for blue skies, then you want to stay in the air conditioning.
    Getting soft in my old age.

  2. I must say ITF has it right--Utopia-your poem proves it!!!:)

  3. In the past I've considered thinking of Oregon as the ideal place to live! I do love it, but I think I'd miss the snow, and the white frosty winters. I envy you your hills, though....

  4. I found out what a nutria is from Amy's site. Dorcas, (or any Xanga expert) what's required to be able to post comments on a Xanga site (i.e. your children's)?

  5. The line about the humidity never getting high sounds quite heavenly right now.

  6. Sheryl,
    to post on a xanga site you must first have a xanga account. you can set on eup for free and then you can sign in and comment on other xanga sites. Xanga doesnt allow non - members to comment for safety reasons.

  7. lollyjane--I grew up in Minnesota and really miss the snow. Oregon winters are a great trial to me. But the summers are nearly perfect.

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  9. Dorcas,

    I'll use your site to say hello to Julana. When I saw your name, I wondered if you were the Julana I knew. You are. I've often wondered where and how you are.

    Ida Marie

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