Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tear Up the Planks. . .

. . . we admit the deed. Yesterday Emily and I decided to post on each other's blogs. So that post about rules was actually written by her, and you can find me trying to sound like Emily here.

We like to live dangerously.


  1. Great Job! You actually can sound pretty much like each other! Wonder why? Pauline

  2. I didn't guess the switch but I do remember thinking it didn't quite sound like you/the words you would use. But I just chalked it up to-- not knowing you and still getting to know you and so on. Maybe I do know your literary style better than I think.
    You did a good job, Emily.

  3. Emily, You are ready for motherhood. Dorcas, Good effort, but your daughter won.

    Dallas, Texas

  4. Were the posts true? You both did well sounding like the other.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. Yes, Mary, both posts were true insofar as you can write truthfully from another person's perspective. We both thought the other didn't get it quite right.

  6. Hi Dorcas,
    My friend and I, both college students in Eugene, are interested in visiting Harrisburg Mennonite Church this Sunday, but I haven't been able to find out what time the service is — just called the office, but no one was in. Would you be able to tell me?

    Also, is there any dress code visitors would be expected to follow (my friend and I are both female), or anything else we should know before visiting?


  7. Eva--Sunday school is at 10:00 (I'm sure you'd be welcome to join an adult class.) Worship/preaching is at 11. No particular dress code for visitors but I suggest long sleeves/skirts.
    You're also welcome at Brownsville Mennonite where we attend. Same times. I-5 to Hwy. 228, east to Brownsville, church is on your left just before you get into town.

  8. I enjoyed your "dangerous" living.

  9. I don't think I would have guessed you were writing for each other! Great job on both of your parts! :-))