Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'd Say She Succeeded

Quote of the Day:
"I was just trying to discreetly ruin the picture."


  1. There's something ruined about the picture?

  2. Because I'm going to claim to be a kind of 'aunt' to that girl, I'm going to say, " Do you want your face to GROW that way???" Or maybe aunts don't say such things.

    Oh, dear! LOL

  3. Pictures like these are wonderful! Twenty years down the road, when Emily is all grown up and has children of her own, and is trying to convince them that she never acted like that, you can pull these out and show your grandchildren proof! Pauline

  4. From one's whose mother told him repeatedly to "stop making those faces or it will stay like that," after a few months with Bell's Palsy, my mother is looking down with a grin on her face.

    Dallas, Texas

  5. Discreet???? LOL

  6. Woa, Emily! You should be able to win a prize or something with that face!!