Monday, January 22, 2007


Some days I think I am losing my mind.

The other day I took a kettle of boiling water outside and held it out over the porch rail and poured it slowly over a candle holder to get the wax off. Then I glanced down at the flower beds and saw that there were some hardy little primrose-like flowers blooming and I had poured the hot water right on them.

And I said, out loud, "Ooooh, I'm sorry, guys!"

I also say, "Excuse me," when I walk by the dog.

Quote of the Day:
"No Sir, we don't have a TV, and you're not gonna tempt these hardcore Mennonites by saying it's free!"
--Emily, to a telemarketer


  1. Ok I'm confused. What about these examples makes you think that you are "loopy"? "Course I'm anxiously awaiting aquiring a headset for my cell phone so I LOOK like I'm talking to someone else when I'm in the grocery store!

    Another Mrs. S

  2. Loopy?? Oh dear....then in that case you are not alone....I do the same thing. :-)
    Thanks for the comment on my last xanga post.
    We are so looking forward to having you here in Sept for the BLR!! It is always a special time.

  3. I have to excuse my wall all the time! It just keeps bumping into me for some reason!

  4. Wonderful! Way to tell off those telemarketers, Emily! Pauline

  5. Loopy?? Dont feel bad, Thats the story of my life.

  6. In my opinion, you are still okay.

    When you are pouring the boiling water and you hear the plants screaming in pain, then you are over the edge.

    Also, if you hear your dog saying, "Well, say excuse me, won't you?" when you bump him then you need to check into the possibility of having some assessments done.

    I think what you are doing can come from being actively engaged as a mother on a daily basis. The mother's voice that says, "Watch what you are doing!" and "What do you say?". When you are constantly giving those promptings to hear excuse mes and thank yous and sorrys it somehow becomes part of your own pysche.

    Enjoy the moment!

  7. I never thought I'd see 'hardcore' and 'Mennonite' in the same sentence. Of course, it never ocurred to me to think it, either.

  8. hey, even if you are going loopy, (which i highly doubt)you have company. i diagnosed my mom as loopy the other day.:)

  9. I stick the candle holders in the oven at 200 degrees, for ten mintes, then wipe off. A lower temp would probably work.