Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gems from BMS

Last week I told my writing class at Brownsville to write four-line poems about each other. Here are some results:

"Kayla" by Justin:
Kayla is a Baker
in more ways than one,
and when you eat something she made
it is very fun.

"Ben" by Stephy:
What's four thousand, nine hundred, five
Plus six thousand, two hundred, three?
If I go find Ben and ask him
His quick answer will stun me.

"Kayla" by Kayla:
I am surrounded by four brothers
My brothers enjoy basketball.
They like playing with others
While I like going to the mall.

"Justin" by Emily:
Justin S. likes basketball
Because it's fun; but that's not all.
His hair, you see, is bright and red
And so the ball matches his head.

"Mrs. Smucker" by Ben:
Mrs. Smucker likes to write
Into food she likes to bite.
She gets to write in the Register Guard
But when she needs it done she works real hard.

"Preston" by Emily:
Preston loves to argue
And if it wasn't a Mennonite crime
I think he'd become a lawyer
and argue all the time.

Quote of the Day:
(in the car,going to church)
Steven: Hey, it's four girls and me.
Me: Lucky duck!
Steven: If it was only just one girl, then I'd be a lucky duck.


  1. A Mennonite crime!!! Did you hear me laugh out loud ?

  2. I'm thinking about the woman in Yemen and your statement that your sister would appreciate advice in developing a way for widows there to support themselves. I recently read about a successful Christian organization called "Hope International." They do the very thing your sister is talking about. If she would like more information about who they are and what they do, I would be happy to find out more and get it to you/her.

    I'm also thinking about the snake problem. If someone were to offer to pay a person in Yemen to get rid of the snake, would there be a possibility that someone would get rid of it? If so, would that be something that your sister would be interested in discussing?

    Is there a way we as Christ's followers can help this family (i.e. improved housing) without creating unhealthy dependancy? Perhaps others are also interested in knowing. Mim

  3. Love the poems. But I have to say the last one by emily is my favorite. :D

  4. An update on the poor widow for all you who are interested... It is tough to help people here without creating dependency. So even with the snake we haven't seemed to come up with a good solution. As for income, this week I gave her a loan (she doesn't know that I don't care if I never get it back)in order to put a new tire on her wheelbarrow and to buy cookies and candy to fill the wheelbarrow with to push around and sell. (her idea and do-able with limited mental capacity)It was an official contract with her finger print as her signature. May God give her success.

  5. Yeah, I agree with lollyjane. Emily's is the best.