Friday, June 20, 2008

Juno Disasters

My cool young friends such as Qwert can write a mysterious little post like "tired." or "sisters r wonderful." or just a smiley-face icon, and get more comments than they have words in the post. Lots more. Or so I was telling one of my lovely daughters the other day. And she was all, "Oh Mom, that's not true." Yes it is, I said, adding that I should write a post with just one word like "GROAN" and see how many comments I get.

Well, was this a self-fulfilling prophecy or something because I definitely have something to GROAN about.

For the second time in a month our family Juno account crashed. Basically it locks up tight when you try to get into it, windows shuttered, gates barred, only a little sign that says "Insufficient memory or disk space" that pops up with an an annoying little kettle-drum Boiiing. Do they offer the option of going back and erasing some big attachments? No, that would be too nice. So it's all GONE.

Matt the coolheaded geek calms me down and salvages what he can. Last time he reinstalled something from 2005. This time he couldn't even do that. So if you sent me an email recently that I haven't answered, please send it again.

Strangely enough, though, my enormous address book is still intact. Thank God for small mercies.

Maybe I should have just summarized all this with a one-word post: GROAN.

Quote of the Day:
(From last year's canoe trip down the Willamette. Paul and the kids head off today on this year's expedition. I stay home.) (Read more on Amy's Xanga)
Me: Here, wait till I spread out this tablecloth.
Amy: TABLECLOTH???!! (cough cough) How nice of you to be providing a feminine touch to our camping trip.
Astute observer: Everything is more complicated when Mom goes along.


  1. Lucky you to have someone in the house to fix computer problems. I took our computer in to be worked on and the guy was so proud of his work. "I" still can't get to what I want and I don't have time to take it in again.

  2. If you're still using Juno, I don't have an enormous amount of sympathy for you. :-)

  3. Dorcas, I really think you need something besides Juno... I would not bother with that thing again... surely there are some geeks out there who could rec: something better for you.

    Did you hear from me recently? I sent you a forward from friend Peggy about your sewing machine purchase...


  4. So sorry about your computer annoyances!! and...I take tablecloths along when we camp as well....I don't like eating right off of picnic tables that birds have pooped on!!! LOL

  5. That is kind of annoying, I pour my heart out in a post and get maybe one comment and it isn't even relating to my heart pourings. I just laugh at that. If I didn't, I'd probably whine about in a blog entry.

  6. @ dorcas - I recently helped a client who was in similar circumstances "migrate" to a Gmail account for their email service. We were even able to perform a few data conversion tricks and get most of her 300 contacts transferred as well. Juno, AOL, Hotmail... all useless email services IMHO because of their proprietary technologies and quality of service issues. She loves her new Gmail account BTW

    @ margaret - the best service techs find out what you use your computer for primarily and ensures you are able to get that working :-)

  7. Greetings from Guaymas. Again.

    So sorry about your JunoWoes.

    How about


    Then you use eudora or thunderbird or some such thing to do your email.

  8. Yes, switch from Juno to gmail. We did and we'd never go back. I could list 10 reasons off the top of my head, but here are two--
    It's free
    It has a search option for pulling up a recipe or fact or address or whatever from old emails.
    (can't stop) It's easy to figure out.