Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Sad, Desperate Poem

Mylanta no doubt has its virtues
Paris Hilton has daily new quirks
But don't tell me that when all that I want
is an email program that works.

I don't need to check on the weather
or be reminded the Blazers are jerks.
All that I ask is to write to my sis
and I just want an email that works.

I don't need a flashing red button
promising Vegas and all of its perks.
Just hand me the basics of send and receive
in an old-fashioned program that works.

I don't need a link to Verizon
or an ad at the bottom that lurks.
Just leave me alone and don't make me change
from an outdated Juno that works.

Quote of the Day:
"The sins of crocheting ugly afghans."
--Emily, when I asked what I should talk about at the luncheon at the Mennonite Home on Thursday


  1. Dorcas, I know that you're sad *
    But after all it's not that bad *
    To trade in that dinosaur Juno *
    For a sleek new program that's muy bueno.

    I signed up for the qwest DSL locked-in rate last year, and absolutely love it. It adds $30 a month to my phone bill but I get fast, reliable service, and a great email program that actually makes it easy to send people photos and stuff.

  2. LOL That poetry is so...poetic. I know! Your next book can be a composite of prose and sad desperate poems. A sure best seller! =)

  3. Love the poem! :-) AND the quote of the day! That is too funny! I have an afghan that is made from the most hideous colors. I love the elderly maker of said blanket, but goodness! Those colors!

  4. I love your poem. Change, I don't. What do you need all the wizbang for?

  5. Oh, yes, one other thing about gmail (if you would switch)...if both of you have it, you could also chat with your sister.