Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I came home this morning and am too sleepy to say much except that I had a wonderful trip. Lots of posts and processing bubbling in my head but for now I will limit my observations to this:

Is there something in the Mennonite/Amish odning [aka Ordnung in all paperback Amish novels] that says Amish/Menno place names can only have two syllables? Thus we have:
Lankster, (PA),
Klona, (IA), and
Hairspurg, (OR)


  1. Welcome Home! I've missed your posts and I'm glad you're back.

  2. Welcome back!

    That is so funny. Coming from Nebraska, we lived near LAN-kas-ter County. We visited the River Brethren and hear Lank-u(short u)-ster. We were like, "huh?" Now that we live with the River Brethren, my husband caught it. Whatever it is. We don't have an Ordnung in our church. Maybe that's why the 3 syllables. :)

  3. I do medical transcription, and now I understand why some doctors can take a 5 or 6 syllable word and say it in 2 syllables!! They must be mennonite!!

  4. I don't care how people pronounce it, just please don't say lanCASTer. Nothing shows the fact more that you are a tourist.
    Good to have you back, Dorcas.

  5. This brings to mind a "beef" that I have with people creating nicknames for children. It seems that if a name has more than one syllable, it automatically gets shortened,ie: Eric becomes Ric. Never mind that Mother never intended it this way.
    Btw, I missed your posts while you were gone, so welcome back!!