Saturday, September 20, 2008


There's a BeachyAmish/Mennonite custom of having a week of revival meetings every year, the speaker, or "evangelist," usually being a minister imported from another church. I think the Beachies more than some other groups will use the phrase "meetings 'with' so-and-so" as in "I hear they're having revival meetings with Raymond Stoltzfoos at Hope Fellowship this week."

Well, it so happened that they were having a week of revival meetings at Mom and Dad's church when I arrived, the speaker being Nathan Yoder, who grew up in that very church, the bishop's son in fact. He was older than me and his time there and mine had overlapped for--I'd guess--five years, and I remember he taught our vacation Bible school class one year. Then he went off and married and spent many years at Faith Mission Home in Virginia.

Anyway, so my first afternoon at Mom and Dad's I was talking to Amy on the phone and I said virtuously, "I need to go. Tonight I'm going to revival meetings with Nathan Yoder that grew up around here."

And she said, shocked,

Quote of the Day:
"MOM! Does Dad know about this??"


  1. So funny!! Nathans still live at FMH don't they or have they moved elsewhere?

  2. LOL I love how your girls have such a great sense of humor...and how you can all laugh at yourselves.

  3. Arlene--I'm not sure. Pretty sure they don't work with FMH any more but I don't know where they live.

  4. Yes, they still live there. Work there? I dunno. PC in VA

  5. So funny! I love your writings and have both your books - more please...
    I'm a Mennonite also from Manitoba - we always used to say the same thing about revival meetings years ago. lol