Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Bookish Post

The number of conservative Mennonite women authors is increasing, which makes me very happy. I'm going to tell you about a few of them and suggest you buy their books for Christmas presents. I will be blunt: these authors will do much better financially if you buy directly from them rather than from Amazon or bookstores. Nothing against either of those, just against pitiful royalties. Plus you get autographed copies from the author.

First we have Ruth Kuepfer, whom we met in Kenya, where she lived for a number of years. She wrote Deliverance for Duncan, the story of a street boy in Kisumu. Ruth weaves detailed context and culture into her story and if you want a vivid picture of Kenyan daily life or just a good story, get this book.

You can email Ruth for purchasing information at chai.with.ru@gmail.com. Here's her xanga.

Next up is Michelle Beachy who just wrote two children's books, hardcover, full of amazing photos--We Build a House and My Brother's Keeper. You can contact her at smilesbymiles@gmail.com.

Michelle also wrote a post on her xanga today that made me laugh out loud and then it made me get teary because I don't deserve such strokes, no I do not, but we don't deserve grace either but when it shows up it is exactly what we need, and this was a touch of grace. Here's her xanga.

My friend and encourager Mary Hake has written hundreds of news articles, stories, devotionals, and such. You can find her contributions in these collections. I especially enjoyed Life Savors. She also wrote a Creation curriculum that looks like fun.

Then of course there's our daughter Emily who wrote about her struggle with illness in her daringly titled book Emily. Copies are available from me at $8 plus $2 postage each. Email me at dorcassmucker@gmail.com. (Emily's at Bible school so I'm handling her business affairs.)

I need to add that Emily was recently nominated for a CYBIL award, one of 52 in the Nonfiction Middle Grades/Young Adult category. We'll find out after Jan. 1 if she made the short list, and on Feb. 14 if she won.

Last of all we have my three books, Ordinary Days, Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting, and Downstairs the Queen is Knitting. $10 each plus $2 postage. Christmas special: $25 plus postage for a set of the three titles. Again, dorcassmucker@gmail.com.

One more thing: I like to give away a few of my books now and then. If you know of someone who "needs" one of my books for Christmas, send me an email or Facebook message and nominate them. Include their name, mailing address, and why they should get one. Of course you won't nominate yourself; we already know that. I'll pick the ones I think are most deserving and mail them a book. Special consideration to young harassed moms, financial hardships, and folks with a double measure of heartache.

Quote of the Day:
"I should write stories and sell them. It would be an easy way to make money."
--Paul's sister Rosie, when she was about 15 and I had just sold a few stories to CLP


  1. Oh, yes you do deserve all the strokes. And if you have another bad day come back and read all the comments from all your other readers. ;) You are well-loved!
    BTW, thanks for the very nice recommendation.

  2. just sent you a nomination.

    sometimes you fuss about lack of many comments. See Dorcas, lots of people read your blog, they're probably just a little shy to comment because you're THE DORCAS SMUCKER. ;-)

  3. I often feel like commenting but oh well, you don't know me and I live in PA, clear across the nation. My children laugh when I read something from your blog out loud to them. "Boy, mom, you and Dorcas Smucker are too much alike." Thanks from all us ladies that can totally relate to what you write.

  4. You didn't include the EXCELLENT book Life is for Living (Not for Waiting Around), by Anita Yoder. Contact SMBI1@juno.com to purchase.

  5. What Hans said...