Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Notes from our house

It's always a risk taking in bummer lambs, but the ones from the OSU sheep barn have always done very well for us.

Until this year. One died early on, and the other four were developing into plump robust little things that nearly climbed up me, the few times I fed them by myself, like the sheep in Caddie Woodlawn that ate the fancy cousin's eight and eighty buttons.

But then Jenny's little Satchel stopped eating. I went out and checked on him this morning. He was still on his feet but sounded raspy. I gave him a good dose of penicillin and texted Amy and Emily to pray for him.

But he died.

It is awful when a pet of Jenny's dies.

[Amy has a nice post about this here.]

* * *

This Friday I fly to Oklahoma for a women's retreat near Prague. I thought I had my talks about ready but then of course I had frantic second thoughts and am redoing them at the last minute which isn't very smart.

And about once a day I ask Paul to please tell me that the Holy Spirit can use me in spite of the fact that I don't have anything substantial to say. He always humors me. Funny how Paul never needs such reassurances before a sermon.

My Uncle Amos and Aunt Lydia lived in Oklahoma for many years but I didn't remember ever being there. Then today I was talking with my brother and he informed me that yes, I've been in OK once before, at the Yoder reunion in 1964. When I was two.

After the retreat I want to go visit my brother Fred and his wife Loraine at Corn. Isn't that the most wonderful name for a town?

* * *

Certain people in this house whom I will not name are really into the royal wedding. If you are saying, "What royal wedding?" then you are like some other people in this house whom I won't name either.

Meanwhile we royal wedding followers are reading up on the Dress, the Prince, Harry, the Queen, the ring, Westminster Abbey, and all the other delicious subjects. Which led to this conversation this evening:

Quote of the Day:
Emily: Did you know there's ONE place in the world where Queen Elizabeth is not allowed to be?
Jenny: A men's bathroom!!!

[It's actually the House of Commons]


  1. We are looking forward to hearing you this weekend and having you visit in the Thomas area next week also!!!!May God give you peace-- Loretta Wingard

  2. LOVED the QOTD!!! :) :) :)

    Praying for your time at the retreat. I had a session at the mini one for our church ladies in Oct., so I understand, at least in fractions, what you're feeling. PC in VA

  3. Thanks to both of you for your prayers, and Loretta, I look forward to my visit very much.