Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Someone told me recently that they prefer that I post travelogues as they're happening rather than all after the fact. I have been down in windy Oklahoma with lots of relatives to see and things to write about but very little time to do so. Meanwhile my dad is in the hospital in Minnesota with a bowel blockage and a few other issues, so instead of flying home tomorrow I'm going to see my folks. And I got a series of frantic phone calls today because Jenny's cat had six kittens in the sewing room ten days ahead of her due date according to Jenny the midwife. Among lots of other adventures I finally got to meet Margaret, my cousin Truman's son Freeman's wife, whom I have known online for a while. She says, Quote of the Day: "Let us be thankful for never a dull moment!"

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  1. Can't imagine how that cat looked! We once had one that had 5 (that we found, anyway; one we found out in the yard!), and she was HUGE! (Then again, "preemies" might be smaller! Ha!)
    How'd your seminar go?
    -PC in VA