Monday, July 11, 2011

Connecting the Dots

As we all know, one of the nicest things about the Web and blogs and Facebook and such is the immediate connections.

So, maybe one of you can help me connect the dots from Oregon to Pennsylvania.

My e-friend LuAnne sews athletic skorts for the girls at the local Mennonite high school. She researched the best source for athletic knit fabric and, not surprisingly if you know the Pacific Northwest at all, found it in Portland, Oregon.

She ordered what she needed and discovered that the shipping is very expensive. She contacted me: Would I know of anyone going to Portland who could pick it up, and of anyone who could then get it to Pennsylvania?

Last week I went to the Union Station in downtown Portland to have lunch with a cousin on an Amtrak layover, then I drove another mile or two to Rose City Textiles, a fascinating place with zillions of types of athletic fabrics, and there I picked up LuAnne's fabric, two rolls about a foot in diameter and 5 1/2 feet long.

So now the fabric is at my place.

Option A: too late--I should have sent it with the Faith Builders chorale over the weekend, and had them take it to Canon City, Colorado, where LuAnne's family is headed on a trip.

Option B: Is anyone from Oregon driving to the BMA convention in Ohio next weekend, July 22-23? LuAnne won't be there but could have someone from her church pick it up.

Option C: Paul's nephew is here for the summer, working in the warehouse. He'll be driving to Wisconsin at the end of the summer and could take it home with him. Is there any traffic between WI and PA?

Option D: Another nephew might be moving their things to Indiana soon and I could probably tuck it in their truck, but I haven't checked with them yet. (JoNell??)

Option E: of course, someone might be driving straight from Harrisburg, Oregon to Newmanstown, PA.

If you have ideas, you can either leave a comment or email me at

LuAnne thought I should cut off some fabric and keep it for my bother but trust me, I enjoy this kind of bother.

Quote of the Day:
(at the picnic table)
Ben: Did you know if you eat that you have to get married in a traditional church type setting? Cuz you can't elope, ha ha ha!
Jenny: Is that why you don't like cantaloupe?


  1. I am one of the moms that will benefit from your helping, Thanks! Sandy

  2. Must be some really expensive shipping! UPS ground is usually pretty reasonable, and she'd have it way sooner than any other method.

    One time I took a package for someone from coast to coast that could have been mailed for probably under 3 bucks! I was too polite to refuse and suggest that option though.

  3. Maybe you can find someone going to the BMA Convention in Plain City next week. I'm sure there will be people from Lancaster there. I know a few if you need names, e-mail me. ~merle