Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who I Want To Be Like

When I grow up I want to be like Josie and Andrew and Dema.

Josie is this lady from the East somewhere, maybe Delaware, and she used to be married to a Baker from this area, until he died of cancer many years ago.

Later she remarried and now she comes to Oregon I'm guessing twice a year.

We have no past or family connections but she is always smiling and she always greets me like she is just so delighted to see me again. You know she does that to everyone but she makes me feel like she's happier to see me than her own relatives, and it's our secret.

I'm easily fooled like that.

Yesterday I heard that Josie was in the hospital with an infection that was turning to sepsis, but she was up and walking around, which the doctor said was impossible or miraculous or something. Josie told him that all her friends were praying for her. The doctor said that's the only possible explanation.

I hope she'll be ok. I want to see her again.

Andrew and Dema are an older couple whom I see several times a year when our church has some meeting or activity with theirs. They come from Amish stock so we always chat in Dutch. The best way to describe them is Christ-like. Andrew often says, "God bless you," in German and it feels weighted, a little like it must have felt for the children to have Jesus lay his hands on them and bless them.

Andrew and Dema are both tiny people but they radiate that same warmth Josie has, like they are just delighted with you and seeing you again, and this is their lucky day, getting to see you! And oh, pooh on the aches and troubles of old age, they want to talk about the important stuff, particularly how you are doing.

I found out today that they lost their oldest son at age 20 in an airplane crash in 1975.

I want to be someone who can move beyond personal loss and get old and just radiate this joy in living and this interest in others.

Quote of the Day:
"You set such high standards! I don't think anyone else's mom makes them pick blueberries before they can go to Dollar Tree!"


  1. I love your QOTD - I'm thankful my daughter is still young enough (6) that she considers berry picking a really fun adventure. I've put her to work lots lately... dreading the day it becomes a chore! Thanks for your writing... it is always a treat to read your tidbits.

  2. I make lists in my head of people I admire, too. And tell Jenny that someday she's going to wish she had time to pick berries before going shopping! :-)

  3. When you said Josie ... My mind imeadiatly went to "my" Josie ... which now that I have read I am sure we have the same Josie! My Grandma and here were best girl friends even on my grandma's death bed. I too want to be like Josie! One of the most inspiring people I know!

  4. I know Josie too! Her second husband I think was related to me somehow! She's the friendliest, bubbliest lady around. Really! I wouldn't mind growing old to be like her at all!

  5. Great list, Dorcas. It's wonderful to have those strong examples to look up to.

  6. I agree--LaDonna Nice

  7. Thank you for this inspiring list. I think we all have people we'd like to be like "when I grow up." This touched me, not the first time I read it but the second time I read it, out loud to my mom, I got tears in my eyes and my throat clogged a bit to think about the ones they lost and yet they still proclaim the Love of Christ and obviously show His Love as well.
    Also Thank you for reminding me how precious children are and how universally they react.

  8. Our pastor is one of those people. And so was my grandma toward the end of her life.

    You know how married people, after 40 or 50 years start looking and talking alike because they have spent endless hours together? My pastor says that when we spend time with Jesus, we start looking and acting like him too. I suspect that smile Josie gives you is the smile that Jesus will give you when he sees you!! Even after she goes home, you will hold that smile in your heart the rest of your days and cherish it. (and knowing you, you will learn to pass it on too!--though I suspect you already do!)