Friday, November 11, 2011

Yes and No

I have a hard time saying no.

Actually, I have a really terribly hard time saying no. Especially to good spiritual helpful projects. Especially when good kind people ask me. I drown in guilt and second-guess myself.

But yesterday I said no.

My friend "Belinda" is always helping people, and she had offered--well I will just say she had offered to can applesauce for someone who needed it even though that's not exactly what it was.

It turned into a huge project and Belinda called and asked if I had anything going on and could I help her?

It's very hard for me in a situation like this to say, actually I have a lot going on: dishes, laundry, writing to Amy, getting groceries, emailing that one lady back, reminding Steven to scrub the blop of ketchup he left on the carpet, washing my hair, and making supper.

Because that doesn't sound nearly as important as helping to can applesauce for a deserving family.

But for once I knew what I needed to do and I said no.

So I did dishes and laundry and got groceries and did lots of other fiddly stuff.

That was yesterday.

Early this morning my sister-in-law Geneva called and said her dad passed away during the night and they were having a private burial this afternoon that we were invited to. [Phil and Geneva have taken care of him for six years and he's had a long, lingering, slow demise.]

So. Because I said no to Belinda yesterday I could say yes to today. I had a clean outfit to wear and gas in the car and food here for the children after school. I pulled chicken enchiladas and cinnamon rolls out of the freezer to take along. I had piecrusts on hand so I made two apple pies, one for my brother's family and one for us. And I left before noon with no frantic last minute dashing around the house while watching the clock and was able to spend a few hours with Phil and Geneva before the burial, making tea and talking and ironing Phil's shirt and trying to get Geneva to take a nap.

It's not always bad to say no to a good thing.

We'll see if I remember that next time.

Quote of the Day:
"Is there something you should be writing?"
--Paul, when I was mopping the kitchen at 10:30 pm


  1. Bless you, Dorcas!

    I love the QOTD! :)

  2. This is one of your best posts ever!!! I used to say "yes" as though I'd been afflicted with a virus that completely annihilated my ability to say no. And finally I saw how much I was driving not only myself but my family crazy ... and not really being able to deliver well anywhere. So I started saying "no." And now sometimes I'm afraid I've been taken w/ the opposite virus. :) Ok, not quite ... but I think maybe I've gotten selfish. Love that you got to go and give because you said no. That always just feels like a God-led no.

    And your QOTD made me burst out laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So funny!!! Does squelched writing always make you mop floors? :)

  3. Thanks, commenters. Michelle, I really hope I catch a bit of your "opposite virus." I need it. And when I'm putting off writing, the floors get mopped, the pantry gets organized, the drawers get cleaned out. Terrible. And Paul is quite familiar with my tactics.

  4. I love the quote because it helps me feel not so weird. I hate cleaning, so when I find myself cleaning some obscure places at an abnormal time, I try to remember to ask myself what it is that I'm escaping.

  5. I'm enjoying reading your blog :) but either I'm blind or a nitwit. How does one (or can one) subscribe to a blog?

  6. Merry--One way to subscribe is through Google Reader which I have never figured out very well. Or go to the bottom of my page and type your email address into that little box and click "Subscribe me!"