Sunday, January 01, 2012

This is Jenny posting BTW

Okay, so I'm supposed to write a post about being the youngest in the family.

Being the youngest in the family has its ups and downs. There is the endless receiving of junk (which often pleases the younger members of the family), and the many nights spent alone because all of the older siblings have gone to some exciting party that you can't go to.

Then there is the attention. Youngest children tend to feel upstaged by there older siblings (at least, I felt like that). Because of this we try as hard as we can to get attention. So, how do you get attention? You act silly and/or crazy and/or cute and/or annoying. Problem solved. Everyone either thinks you are super cute or super annoying.

When older siblings get to do cool things like get together with friends and watch a movie, or go to a new years party with the youth group at church, it can be very hard on a younger sibling. I know several other people my age who face the exact same thing. Our sibs run off to do some cool thing, we have to stay home with Mom and Dad. Not that Mom and Dad aren't great, but who wants to stay home when you should be doing something awesome and exciting with your friends?

So I guess what I want to say is that being the youngest can be great. It can also be very tough. I think it kind of depends on how we react to it.


  1. Jenny, I know how you feel. I was the last one too. But, when you get to the older side of your life, you can look at all the older ones and tease them that you are not as old as they are. it will look different at an older age.

  2. Dorcas Byler1/02/2012 7:05 AM

    I was number 8 in a family of 12. So there were lots older and some younger. So I sure can't identify with fully. I did wear hand me downs. I do remember, however, how it was to not join the youth group after my friends had joined. They all turned 16 before I did, and I was so jealous. It was unheard of to join before you were sixteen. My daughter is the oldest and the youngest child. She has to hang out with mom and dad all the time. I personally love hanging out with her. I suspect, however, I enjoy it more then she does.

  3. As the second youngest in our family, I assure you things will get better for you, Jenny, so hang in there and be tough and/or cool and/or sweet and/or etcetera.

  4. I was #5 in a lineup of 8 kids, and boy, do I understand being left behind! My sister is just a year older than I, and we did EVERYTHING together, EXCEPT that she got to go on a trip with the youth while I stayed home and cried bitter tears! But I never had to wear her hand-me-downs for very many years, though, as I passed her up by 2 inches fairly early in the game! :)
    No matter where God puts us in the lineup, there are always pros as well as cons.
    And Jenny, believe it or not, time is FLYING by, and you'll be old enough for everything at just the right time! :) (I know that probably wasn't too helpful!)
    Happy New Year! (You're one closer!) -PC in VA

  5. I was the youngest too. I have 3 older borthers (7,8 and 9 years older than me). I always wanted a little sister but my mom said that by the time one came around, she would be too young for me to enjoy. But I got a stepsister when I was 15 (she was 12), so God can do anything.

    I feel that way for my son too. He is 16 years younger than his sister, who got married and moved out when he was 4. He cried inconsolably when he found out that "getting married" meant she would move out. (I think we all cried inside.) I think God gives us all what we need and what our hearts desire (if they go together). We have to find the good in our circumstances and be thankful.

  6. Jenny, as the mother of a youngest and three olders, I am getting quite a kick out of the peek into the perspective of a youngest. Mine seems to go for the annoying, though he has been known to be the comedian at times...I always feel sort of sorry for him when the olders start complaining about him annoying everyone. But then he annoys me, and I forget to be sorry for him.

    Maybe next time he starts annoying someone, I'll pay some extra attention to him. Will that help??

  7. I don't know. I think If you acknowledge that he exists that would work best. When people gave me attention I just wanted more and it got to the place where a would be mean to people, just to get attention.