Monday, March 12, 2012


Maybe it's the power of marketing. I have always had this fantasy that I can sew a dress and it will look on me like it looks on the model on the pattern envelope.

Never mind that the model is usually 5-feet-9, maybe 110 pounds, and Photoshopped. And I am 5-feet-three, over 110 pounds, apple-shaped, and short waisted. And I have given birth a number of times and am twice as old as the model.

I still see a pattern and fall into the delusion that I can make it to look just like that.

So I cut and sew and fit. Sigh. I let out seams at the side and trim off the waist seam and suck in my stomach.

It does not look anything like.

I think, well, if I wear it with a sweater....

For some reason I'm into vintage dresses right now, so today I was salivating over such lovelies as this:and this:
(Oh dear, how did the pictures get so small? Ok, try this. And this.

I would make them in brighter colors, of course, or summery pastels. And looking at them, I float in this delusion that I could seriously wear a fitted bodice and defined waist and even a tied or buckled belt and not look silly plus a few other adjectives and comparisons with muffins.

I suspect that at times my girls whisper to each other, behind my back, "Just humor her."

So I click through these pictures and think of that soft green and purple cotton yardage I have, and I think to myself, Oh just humor her.

Quote of the Day:
"Mother!! It's. . . it's. . . PAISLEY!"
--Jenny, trying to put into words why I should not wear that pretty jacket I bought
at St. Vinnie's


  1. You need to buy the grey one in your best size and try it on. I think you may be surprised. In a good way. Then if you can't stand spending that much on a dress, you can return it and create your own. Very lovely dress.

  2. I'm with Jessica, save on stress and BUY IT!

  3. One of the challenges of sewing is never knowing if the garment will look good on you until you have invested all that time and money. I have found that trying on something similar at the store helps me avoid wasted time, money and effort.

  4. I have the same delusions :)
    But I have hope! Recently a friend, who has taught pattern making, offered to help me create patterns just for me. We started with a simple top and she explained how I can modify it in various ways for different looks. Haven't had time to make one up yet, but look forward to trying!
    P.S. The word verification is very difficult to read most of the time. Is it really necessary? I switched mine so that only registered users can comment, and it eliminated ALL spammers. No more need for word verification. Sometimes it's impossible and I leave without commenting. Just wanted to share that.

  5. A homemade dress carefully crafted with love and creativity is far superior to a ready made one, IMHO. It will be an original creation - no one else will have one like it.

    I also like paisley. :-)


  6. There are some who are allowed to enjoy the blog without being allowed to have one. They like being able to interact with the author even if they can't have their own space. Please don't shut them out!
    But yes, this new word verification is hard to read. I find myself squinting to see if I got it right.

  7. Not to fret! If you type in the wrong word verification and submit it, and find it was wrong, you'll just get another chance with different words. Sooner or later, you'll get it right and get it published.

  8. Paisley may be, in the minds of the young, a pattern that makes you look old...I DO NOT agree. I don't wear much paisley myself but it does give me fond memories of my dad.
    About the dresses; I too like the vintage style but not all work with my old lady figure. I learned long ago that I cannot wear certain styles and that all my skirts must be volumnous or they don't fit my hips. I like the idea expressed by two commentors, one try on a ready made first, and have a pattern built just for your body.
    I also am delusional in that I still buy an occasional straight skirt, only to pass it on to someone without my hips!

  9. Me, buy a new dress at retail price? I'll have to think about that one.
    Although buying the style I like and seeing how it looks on me before I sew it seems like a smart idea.
    I'll see what I can do about the word verification. I've never had a comments option on blogger that I was totally happy with.