Sunday, August 05, 2012


Today's Letter from Harrisburg is about turning 50.



  1. No fair! I was thinking all those things and couldn't get my act together enough to write them. What a good job of saying it for all of us.

  2. I like it! I can identify with some of the "seeing the end of the story" comments, even though I'm only 32. Real life stories are way more fascinating, and take much longer to resolve. It's lovely to have seen some "end of the story"ies (or at least of a section!), and I 'm sure it only gets better! Redemption........!

  3. RE:
    "I can keep myself endlessly entertained with my own blunders and quirks. Thirty years ago, I would have been horrified. Now, it’s hilarious.

    If this keeps up I’ll never lack for things to laugh at the rest of my life."

    So true, oh! so true.

    And another thing, maybe because of this fact, the young do not know how to laugh! Really! Ever notice that?

  4. What a wonderful blog. I'm way past 50 and you've said the things I couldn't find words for but totally relate to.
    I've passed the 70 milestone and things are the same, yet different. Neighbour children call out, "Hi Grandma." and a 3 year old great niece recently thoughtfully observed. "you look like an old lady"
    Mary H