Thursday, August 16, 2012

Off to the Wedding

I love happy occasions.

And I really really love weddings.

Today a bunch of us are taking off for my niece Janet's wedding in Sioux Lookout, Ontario.

Janet is a little older than Amy and has been dating her Mark for some time now.  I've never met him, but my mom reports that he is very nice, which means he is.
Mom also says Janet talks a lot and Mark is quiet.

That sounds like a workable arrangement to me.

So by various ways and means we are going first to Minnesota and on up north to Ontario.  Amy and I are flying today, at different times.  Paul and three of the children are driving out.

Then we'll do a switcheroo and a different combination will fly or drive home afterwards.

[On the way to the airport this morning: sunrise and Mt. Hood with a cool cloud swoosh off the south side.  Not sure if you can see much on this phone pic but trust me it was amazing.]

I've heard you shouldn't announce on the Internet that you're going to be away from home.  So, all you potential thieves, just so you know, two big intimidating teenage guys are staying home.  And one of them will be home at any given time.

So if you have designs on the used laptop that's worth about $25, forget it.

A few especially nice things about this trip: my brother's family has had a lot of grief and just hard stuff, so now to see them with both a new little grandson AND a new son-in-law [relax--not from the same daughter]--will just feel redemptive and healing and good, I think.

Also, it's up in Canada in our old stomping grounds, kind of.  We never lived in Sioux Lookout but passed through there many times and we know a bunch of people there.  Once you drove through wilderness for six hours, Sioux Lookout seemed like the bright lights of a big city.

 I love family trips, and weddings, and seeing family and old friends, and talking Pa. Dutch, and celebrating, and wedding cake.

 This is where I am right now, drinking coffee and passing time until my flight.  Quiz: what famous fictional character lived here?

Quote of the Day:
[after the VBS program, in which Emily's students acted out some of Jesus' teachings]
Me: When that little guy was walking around with the lamp for letting your light shine, it reminded me of that guy--oh what was his name--who wandered all over with his lamp, looking for an honest man.
Ben: Diogenes!
Me: Yes.
Emily: Did he ever find one?
Me: I don't think so.
Emily: What??  Never?? . . . Well, I guess Mennonites hadn't been invented yet.


  1. It was Henry Huggins, I believe. Loved those books. I read them over and over.
    And I hope you get that wedding cake at the wedding. The trend now days is so not for wedding cake. We've been getting stuff like eclair, cupcakes, pie and rootbeer floats. My girls and I love wedding cake, and don't quite understand this new trend. At the last wedding we were at, I thought about taking my own, but decided I wouldn't go quite that far! Each to his own, of course.

  2. I read the book Adventures on Klickitat Island to my children so often, I have it memorized. It's the story of a little boy and his bear, whorow their boat out to the island in a storm. They bring their blankie and comfort the animals... My children loved this book.

  3. Well, I was thinking Ramona Quimby, which would include Henry Huggins. Haven't read Adventures on Klickitat Island.

  4. Klidkitat ST! Romona Quimby and her family!

  5. I am currently watching Ramona and Beezus! Ramona and Beezus Quimby live on Klickitat Street; as well as Henry Higgins. ;)

    I pray you have a very blessed time celebrating and visiting with family.

  6. Ramona Quimby!

    Have a good trip and enjoy the wedding!

  7. Imagine my surprise when I log in this morning and see Mark & Janet's picture on your blog! I live in Sioux Lookout and go to the same church as Mark & Janet so it feels like a crazy coincidence that you know them! (her) I was just over there last night for a personal shower for Janet and got to see the beautiful new grandson and hang out with Janet, her mom, and sister. Wow, small world! Looking forward to meeting you! :)Hope you have a safe trip today! Andrea Cospito

  8. Ribsy lived on Klickatat ST also :-)

  9. ASD said:
    I read all of the Henry and Beezus and Ramona books when I was growing up in California. Imagine my surprise and delight as an adult to move to Portland and discover the real Klickitat Street. Beverly Cleary grew up in that part of Portland and so she used the names of her neighborhood.