Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another Sample from Writing Class

"Revise a Bible story to make a drama," I said.  "You can put it in a modern setting."  The class divided into twos and threes for this project and handed the finished products in today. I found this one amusing and a bit too true to life.  [Except of course I don't wave my hands around.  They made that up.] And I didn't catch on to the Biblical parallel until the very end.  You'll probably be sharper.

Tales of Writing Class

Written by Janane Doutrich and Jenny Smucker
Cast of Characters:
Mrs. Smucker
                                         Scene 1
(Thursday afternoon)
Mrs. Smucker: (sips tea) Okay, class….
Trent: (raises hand) When is this class going to be over?
Mrs. Smucker: I don’t know. (Waves hands around head) Now where was I?
Jae (bored): You were giving us our assignments.
Mrs. Smucker: Okay, now, I want this five-hundred word essay done by Tuesday. For those of you who didn’t get last week done, (everyone stares at Caleb) I want both of these done by Tuesday. You can go.
(Everyone grabs their things quickly and rushes out of the room.)

                                         Scene 2 
(Students talk while walking down hall)
Ash: So, when are you planning on doing your assignment?
Jae: It’s weird, I always do it the night I get it or I forget about it.
Trent: My parents make me do it on Sunday nights. (Makes a face.)
Caleb: I don’t have time to do mine, I have other things to do. Besides, when will I use this in real life?
Deana: Very true, besides I don’t like writing class. It’s a waste of my time.
Janie: The class is okay, but forty-five minutes of not being able to talk is just too much. 
Kayla: I really hope I have time, there’s a bunch of stuff I want to do with my friends this weekend. 

                                          Scene 3 (Monday morning)
Ash: So, what are you guys writing about?
Jae: I’m writing about the definition of freedom. What about you, Deana?
Deana: How technology can save the world. What about you writing about, Janie?
Janie: Either Psalm 23 in the 21st century or Christian Schools. Probably Psalm 23 cause verses count for more words, so it’s an easy assignment.
(Kayla walks in)
Jae: What are you writing about, Kayla?
Kayla: (shrugs) I don’t know, I’ll probably write it tonight after I make supper for my family.
Janie: So, I heard Caleb hasn’t written his either. Do you think he’s going to get it done?
Jae: Oh, please tell me he’s at least started on the one from last week. (Rolls eyes)
Ash: I doubt it. I’m writing about freedom as well.
 Janie: Trent told me he finished it Sunday night. I’ll just do mine tomorrow before class. 

                                                           Scene Four (Tuesday afternoon)
Mrs. Smucker: (Holding a teacup) Time for writing class, you can head down to class.
(Everyone heads down the hall.)
Jae: So, Janie, did you get your assignment done?
Janie: Yeah, I changed my whole topic last night and did all the research, I didn’t get quite enough words, but hopefully it will be fine. I kind of slapped it down. But I heard Caleb and Kayla didn’t get their assignments done either, so we’ll just brave it together.
Kayla: What were you saying about me?
Deana: We were talking about our assignments.  I heard you didn’t get yours done.  Did you?
Kayla: (giggles and shrugs) Nope.
Ash: (Throws hands in the air) Seriously, guys, you need to actually get your assignments done!
(Start to walk up stairs)
Janie: (grimaces) Good luck!
Scene Five

Mrs. Smucker (gestures toward teapot) Okay, who wants tea?
(Girls raise hands, boys look disdainfully at them)
Mrs. Smucker: (pours tea) Please hand in your assignments as I pour the tea.
Caleb: I didn’t get mine done.  Well, I had homework.
Mrs. Smucker: (eyes widen) did you get either done?
Caleb: Well, I started.
Mrs. Smucker: Caleb, you need to treat this as homework and get it done when you get your homework done.
Caleb: (sighs)
Mrs. Smucker: So, is there anyone else who didn’t get their assignment done?
(Kayla and Janie raise hands)
Kayla: I had a busy weekend and just didn’t have time.
Janie: I got about two hundred words, but it’s not very good.  I did it this morning, because I had forgotten.
Mrs. Smucker: Just turn in what you have written.  Caleb, if you keep not handing assignments in, I’m going to have to fail you.  Kayla and Janei, I expected much more than this from you.  So the people that didn’t get their assignment done, will be required to take individual writing courses for the next few weeks.  If you refuse, you fail the class.  If you fail the class, you must take it again next year.
(Students begin to walk down the hall)
Janie: (groans) I wish I would’ve finished my assignment.  I don’t want to take individual classes. (Makes a face)
Caleb: Me either.  I have basketball and I don’t want to go to some stupid class.
Curt: (runs up, screams and runs behind Caleb) Can someone tell me what this story means? (Holds up a PACE)
Trent: The Story of Ten Virgins.  Well. . .(bends over to be Curt’s height)
Deana: We’ll give you a modern day example. To make it easier to understand.  It all started about a week ago in writing class. . .

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