Saturday, April 05, 2014

Just So You Know: The "Novel"

Last night while getting ready for Lisa the niece's wedding, Paul's mom came by and said, "Oh, so you wrote a novel??"
I said, "What??"
She said, "I got your blog post in my email.  It said you're writing a novel!"
I said, "That was a joke."

So this is for all of you who get my blog in your email through Feedblitz or another server and didn't get the memo: the post about my novel "based on Paul's and my relationship" with a shot of myself in 1982 wearing glasses big enough for three people, that was an April Fools joke perpetrated by my conniving daughters.

Just so you know.


  1. I figured, but part of me was still hopeful. :-)

  2. Yes, I got the joke, but, my! It was such a good one. You have some creative daughters!

  3. I fell for it,hook,line and sinker! :)

  4. I believed it too, even though I was pretty sure the picture was of you. I couldn't wait to see how your novel would differ from the weak Amish love stories that are all too prevalent around here.
    Sarah, Pennsylvania

  5. It's still funny.