Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Book Decision

A number of you weighed in on my publishing dilemma, giving us lots of angles to consider that hadn't occurred to us.

Thank you!

I say "we" and "us" for all the commenters who encouraged me to consult my husband about this, as though I hadn't thought of that.  [She says, surprised and slightly offended.]  I thought everyone knew he is the business brain that provides the solid framework behind my creativity.

So yes.  WE had some decisions to make, and took the sensible advice to let the publishers prove their worth with the first three books, and then decide if they can be trusted with my last two.

They have some cool ideas for re-doing the first three titles sometime next year.

Meanwhile, I put my order in today for another printing of Tea and Trouble Brewing.  The timing isn't the best, but they should be ready to ship by November 27, in time for at least some of the Christmas season.

And in an illustration of Paul's role in the process, I was going to order 750 copies and he talked me into getting 1500 instead, which means that either he's a smart businessman or else he has an inflated view of his wife's potential.

Again, thanks to everyone who took an interest in the process.

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  1. Hi Dorcas,
    I know, I know! What I am about to share is beside the point of your post. But I'm hoping you won't mind. Your title here, "The Book Decision", made me think of another important decision for writers, and that would be "The Word Decision." So I'm going to be a little presumptuous and give you a link that lists "75 incorrectly used words that can make you look dumb". Please do not interpret this as my thinking that you make these mistakes. You don't. And I don't think that. But you are such a gifted wordsmith that I thought you (and Emily, too) would appreciate having the following list in your resource file--for the love of words if nothing else! Here's the link. You might have to copy it and paste it into your browser in order to open it.

    While I'm at it, here's another intriguing article in which the author claims, "I listened to 10,000 presentations. Almost everyone made this same mistake." As a frequent speaker, I'm guessing that you will appreciate reading this as much as I did. Here's the link, but again, you may have to copy it and paste it into your browser in order to view it.

    I have been greatly enjoying your updates about your writing cabin. You certainly asked the right Person when you prayed for wisdom and guidance in finally choosing the name. It's perfect even if sparrows don't nest in Oak trees beside creeks. Thank you for sharing the story of the influence on your new cabin name of Psalm 84 as well as that old hymn "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" [and I know He watches me . . .] Psalm 84 has long been one of my most favorites, too.