Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Bathroom Remodel--Part 3--The Results

 I am not naturally gifted in decorating, nor am I good at making decisions. Remodeling involves a terrifying number of decisions, all of which involve the outlay of dollars and the installation of fixtures difficult to change or replace.

I figured midtones in neutral colors were the safest bet, so I was agonizing over paint and vinyl colors. Did medium gray go with medium taupe and tan?

Finally my daughters got involved. Amy told me I want either really dark or really light, not midtones. And she was right. That's what I wanted. It was so nice to have someone inform me.

That made the decisions easy. Light marble countertop. Dark fixtures. A combination for the floor.

We really like the results.

The flooring is vinyl with the look of tile. I don't like the cold feel of tile underfoot, plus the weight of it would make me nervous about accelerating the rate of the bathroom falling off the rest of the house, no matter how much the carpenters in my life assure me that won't happen.

We planned to make a tiled shower area and set a clawfoot tub inside. That way if we ever needed a handicapped shower, it would be relatively easy to switch. However, we've enjoyed that walk-in shower so much that I don't know if we'll ever install the tub we bought.

Pretty sure the real decorators remember to close the toilet seat before they shoot pictures.
This was after the tile was in but before the floor was finished.

We kept the mirror but added a frame.

Choosing a shower curtain used up a lot more mental energy than the decision deserved. One day I washed all my veils and Emily told me she heard that short, lacy, black shower curtains are really in style now.

I thought this shower curtain coordinated well with the dark/light look.

I chose dark bronzed fixtures. 

Paul got a can of spray paint and painted all the fixtures like light switch plates and registers.

Great-grandma Anna would be proud of this ceiling, I think.

We are happy with our new bathroom and hope it lasts until our children or maybe grandchildren decide to remodel someday.

No, we aren't 100% finished.
But the bathroom is functional and we can finish these things when we're ready.


  1. Lovely. Did my sister Gert get to see it at this stage?

  2. Good for you! What an accomplishment!

  3. Smuckerstuff4/27/2021 11:07 PM

    It's lovely! And striking! I look forward to seeing it in person.

  4. Fabulous job! How great to have a pretty bathroom!

  5. Excellent choice on the shower curtain! It goes perfectly with the floor, without being too matchy-matchy. I'm impressed! :)

  6. It is absolutely beautiful!!!

    Was it very difficult to frame the mirror? I love the look!

  7. Is the vinyl tile holding up? It looks very nice.