Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Smucker Men, Part II

Here's more on the subject, a song that some of us in-laws sang to the tune of My Country Tis Of Thee at a family reunion back in 1996.

We stand here short and tall
One factor binds us all
As you shall see.
We fell in love and then
We married Smucker men
Since then our lives have been
Of boredom free.

These Smucker men are brave
Our lives they'll gladly save
If we're distressed.
Nothing gives them the shakes
They pick up mice and snakes
They kill them for our sakes
We're so impressed.

These Smucker men we chose
Are calm and quite composed
Seldom upset.
The baby breaks his arm
Tornadoes hit the farm
Nothing can them alarm
That we've seen yet.

God gave them all good minds
With knowledge of all kinds
We stand amazed.
Computers do their will
They handle tools with skill
They figure taxes till
Our minds are dazed

We ladies like to keep
Our voices soft and sweet
But not these guys.
The Smuckers, to belong
Must discourse all night long
With voices loud and strong
And judgments wise.

But seriously, we know
We're blessed, extremely so,
As Smucker wives.
They are top quality
We know that we will be
Their top priority
Through all our lives.

Quote of the Day:
"Here in Oregon, it's very hard to find someone who walks with his legs."
--Steven, on the low number of pedestrians in Eugene compared to Kisumu, Kenya

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  1. Now, that's a masterpiece! Tom will have to stretch to top that one!